Xiaomi rejoins the league of the world's top 5 smartphone companies

Xiaomi rejoins the league of the world's top 5 smartphone companies

Xiaomi rejoins the league of the world's top 5 smartphone companies

While Oppo enjoyed a 44 percent increase in sales, Xiaomi faced a 52 percent rise in its smartphone sales.

What will show up on the real device, they say, is the cutout at the top of the phone - what some have dubbed a "receding hairline". The virtual stores are selling out devices in a jiff. Of the top five, Apple was the only player whose sales fell, said IDC. However, in the second quarter of this year, their combined market share accounted for 25.3%, outweighing that of Samsung.

The iPhone 8 users will also be able to hide the virtual 'home indicator' in certain context, according to Trougton Smith. Because this technology implements touch function right away during manufacturing process of a display, separate parts are not needed. Huawei is now closing in fast on Apple and Apple will be looking nervously over its shoulder in the next few quarters.

The company is also getting ready to launch their new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 this month. The Chinese firms saw huge growth this quarter, with shipments increasing 64 percent and 58 percent respectively. Or perhaps it's the mystery that still surrounds Touch ID's fate. Analysts suggest the solid increase was driven by first-time buyers across emerging markets such as Africa and upgrades to flagship Android models in developed regions like western Europe.

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Apple came second with a market share of 11.4 per cent and shipments of 41 million.

Further, iPhone 8 is expected to have augmented reality based functions. But, the rest of the market contracted 16.0 percent. This will definitely help Apple see growth in China this year. There is no any words on whether this phone be available outside China. To do this, the company has borrowed a billion dollars.

OPPO remained in the fourth position with worldwide shipments of 27.8 million units and moving its overall share up 1.5 percentage points to 8.1%.

Apple has undoubtedly achieved massive brand recognition in China, and is now shifting vast numbers of units in the world's most populous nation. He said the home button would be replaced with virtual 'home indicator'.

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