Source: Trump staff shake-ups give McCaul 'pause' on DHS job

Most political veterans were skeptical of Scaramucci as communications director given his lack of strategic communications experience.

Perhaps naming Kelly as chief of staff shows more self-awareness on the part of Trump than many ever thought possible.

Kelly is "not going to force President Trump into structure that's not going to work", Miller said. However, the President's fascination with strong military men goes back much further and is far more primal.

Trump's agenda today: Participating in a small business event.

In breaking news yesterday, recently appointed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was shown the door, just hours after Trump's latest Chief of Staff, General John Kelly was sworn in.

Stephen Colbert said he looked like a "lawyer whose ad is above the urinal".

Trump may have promised to bring a business ethic to drain the Washington "swamp", but no corporation would tolerate his behavior as CEO the past six months - using Twitter for policy, overriding subordinates without consultation and bullying opponents and allies.

I would rather be focusing on the dictator in North Korea, who claims he can now dump a warhead on the city of Chicago, than I would a press secretary or whoever is not happy with his job! If they leave it alone, the collusion story and all the attendant investigations will run their course, no one will serve any time and this faux-scandal won't become Trump's Watergate.

Priebus resigned from the Chief of Staff position because reportedly he and President Trump were not seeing eye to eye.

2 Senate Democrat says White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is in a position to stabilize the White House "and that's good for this country".

Reached for comment, Lapan told CNNMoney he had not spoken to Kelly or anyone else at the White House about the position.

This news came on Kelly's first day. The ally replied that he had, a person familiar with the conversation said, and Trump seemed to agree. What the [beep] kind of question is that? Graham said Trump has an obligation to "be the president of all of us" and "stop the chaos". He lasted 10 days as the White House communications director. Before Scaramucci's exit, senior officials had been talking to former Fox News executive Bill Shine about a role with the communications team. Scaramucci was "grandstanding", one source close to the White House said, a grave misdeed that Trump punished by banishing him to "the cheap seats in centerfield". "He was in and out so quickly".

Trump is taking credit for "unbelievable" economic growth.

Fake Reince Priebus: "You're well suited to your zero dollar pay scale".

Scaramucci, who left his White House post on Monday after only 11 days on the job, is a 1989 graduate of the law school.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) comes out swinging against Trump: "We created (Trump), and now we're rationalizing him". Who will be next? The change agents themselves are unpopular and can't operate, so they are dismissed.

"[The president] actively encourages police violence", said Vanita Gupta, who ran the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division during the Obama administration and now heads the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. In Trump's mind, his new communications director's profile had become outsized.

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