How to watch the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21

As an example, the next solar eclipse that will even nip the Carolinas will be on the SC coast in 2062. When this happens, the Sun's light is intercepted by Earth, and stopped from reaching the moon's surface, thereby covering all or part of the Moon with the outer part of its shadow. In downtown Orlando, the eclipse will peak at 2:51 p.m, according to Vox.

These are easy crafts that allow people of any age to safely see the eclipse.

The Great American Eclipse is less than a month away.

Before you head out to see the view, you need to make sure you're protected.

You should also avoid dark sunglasses, neutral density or polarizing filters made for camera lenses, smoke glass, exposed film, "space blankets", potato chip bags, DVDs and any other materials you may have heard about for viewing solar eclipses. Staff will be at Central Park West Meadow, 150 W. Morse Blvd. The next transcontinental solar eclipse will take place on April 8, 2024, but its path will be far north of Georgia.

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Each Tuesday before August 21, the library will also host fun and educational events counting down to the Great American Solar Eclipse. Only consider products marked with ISO 12312-2, which means that the product has met the worldwide safety standard. It will show you what the eclipse will look like from your location.

The library says they just want everyone to be safe as they watch the moon cross the sun's path. The eclipse will begin at 1:19 PM, blocking a small corner of the sun.

One is to not cook any food during a total solar eclipse because the rays that come from the sun are going to hurt the food.

Solar eclipses can be especially unsafe since we will all want to watch for as long as possible. Thanks to Google's new collaboration with Mystery Science, you can get helpful eclipse information through

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