IPhone 8 Mass Production Said To Begin In Mid-September

IPhone 8 Mass Production Said To Begin In Mid-September

IPhone 8 Mass Production Said To Begin In Mid-September

Now in 2017, a new supposedly leaked photo of the iPhone 8 has emerged appearing to confirm the rumours that Apple is to follow Samsung's model and ditch the home button altogether.

All things prolific mobile leaker, Evan Blass has released that looks to have a press quality photo of the iPhone 8. However, it has been rumored that Apple has scrapped the initial idea of touch identification, replacing it with a sophisticated facial recognition system.

Apple supplier Samsung Display, the maker of iPhone 8 OLED panels, has already entered full-scale production. There are talks that the iPhone 8 could be delayed, mainly because Apple is unclear with the Touch ID sensor 's placement in the phone. Apple is investing a huge amount to make this technology a reality and company is expected to ship 92 million OLED screens in next 2 years.

When can we expect it?

Separately, a new report reiterates support for wireless charging on the iPhone 8, while a Foxconn executive is said to have suggested the handset will not come in cheap. It can also detect faces, according to the code - not only where they are but also what they're doing, presumably for extra features like Snapchat's filters. People who may be interested just have to wait until then.

How will this affect share price?

The account encourages other users to participate, using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone.

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On Monday, Apple enthusiasts were hit with a double whammy. It is expected that they will still hold an event to announce the launch at the same time.

The iPhone helped create Instagram and together they launched a revolution in taking and sharing photos.

Instagram might not be new, but Apple's embrace of the platform promises to open vibrant new channels for creativity.

In many ways, this Instagram account feels like the natural extension of the "Shot on iPhone" billboard ad campaign.

Coming to the conclusion, iPhone 8 will provide users with a fascinating retina display functionality that lacked in the previous version of iPhone 4 that had the properties of first invented iPhone.

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