Jay Cutler just killed the Dolphins' Super Bowl odds

CBS and Fox Took Calculated Risks with Tony Romo and Jay Cutler Now Must Wait

CBS and Fox Took Calculated Risks with Tony Romo and Jay Cutler Now Must Wait

Gase cited Cutler's athleticism, awareness and knowledge of National Football League offenses as reasons he felt Cutler belonged in Miami.

"The good thing is I play quarterback, so I don't have to be in that great cardiovascular shape", Cutler said with a smile. We have to be smart with that because I'm sure he wasn't in the backyard throwing a hundred balls a day.

"Cutler had a career year under Adam Gase!". Perhaps more importantly, Gase helped rehabilitate Cutler - raising him from a sulking, unhappy turnover-ridden player to one who seemed to enjoying playing again and had the respect of most of his teammates. The passing game is kind of relatively the same.

"It'll come back pretty quickly", Cutler said. "He stepped away from it and I felt good where he was at the last couple of years and I feel good about how he fits in". Actually, Cutler's best season has come with Gase as his head coach.

Cutler was good between the 20 yard lines, but he was also a turnover machine!

They pretty much accomplished all of that on Monday.

And after that first sack, like all the others, Cutler got right back up.

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"They're going to get a hell of a quarterback in my opinion - a guy who's already been in that system and knows that system and played very well under that system".

When you think he can't possibly make a worse throw... During 11-on-11 drills, Cutler completed an incredible 45-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jakeem Grant.

Cutler may have the skills of a starting quarterback, but he doesn't have the drive.

Some passes had such impressive velocity they might as well have had vapor trails behind them. So I went back and forth on this.

Gase doesn't care what Cutler was when he was outside the coach's reach. Last season, Tannehill has thrown 2,995 yards for 19 touchdowns with a 93.5 percent passer rating and has been steady in running the Dolphins offense.

Cutler said his signing comes after he had been getting acclimated to his on-field retirement after he was cut in March by his previous team, the Chicago Bears. The two worked together with the Chicago Bears in 2015. The Dolphins would happily take that this year.

Now, some of those same people will say he was never surrounded by any real talent, but that claim is also incorrect. He told me he was just patting me on the way by in 11-on-11s. But we got a ways to go.

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