MHA seeks report from Chandigarh on stalking incident

MHA seeks report from Chandigarh on stalking incident

MHA seeks report from Chandigarh on stalking incident

He also ruled out the resignation of Barala as the BJP state chief.

Varnika accused Vikas Barala, son of Haryana BJP Chief Subhash Barala, and his friend Ashish Kumar, of tailing her around 12.15 AM on early Saturday morning. The Hindustan Times reports that this prompted several senior police officers to switch their phones off and refuse to take calls.

Sangwan accused the BJP leader of "political interference" in the police probe. "I feel in a case where so many people are ready to support the truth, then the future of the country is safe". Long before the case reaches the courts, if it ever does, social media trials will have established your guilt and their innocence.

When a police auto responded to her frantic calls, one of the men was banging on her window and trying to open the door.

Kundu, the daughter of a senior Haryana bureaucrat, said she was rescued by the police.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, Ms Kundu shared an account of a terrifying chase on the streets of Chandigarh on Friday after midnight when 23-year-old Vikas Barala and his friend tailgated her in their SUV, tried to block her, banged on her window and tried to force open her door. Though the police did arrest the duo but they were released on bail and opposition has been crying foul over the government for inaction.

Shaina Nana Chudasama, the treasurer, BJP Maharashtra and a national spokesperson for the party tweeted an unrelated photo of Kundu, tried to pass it off as a photo of her with the accused and compared her to women who have falsely accused men of rape. "The police are under no political pressure; this is absolutely baseless".

Vikas was arrested yesterday on charges of stalking daughter of an IAS officer.

"We are investigating the case with an open mind".

The Congress, which is the principal Opposition party in Haryana, has alleged that the Chandigarh police - which comes under the Union home ministry - were trying to cover up the matter to shield Subhash Barala and his son. This is my official stand, this was my stand yesterday and today also...

After becoming the target for criticism, Kundu called this a "well established tactic to intimidate her" so that she backed off. "If I hadn't been saved, who would they have apologised to?" she asked. "What about their son?" she asked. Apparently, the police did take action and it proves that the police is working very well.

AIDWA plans to hold protests on Tuesday and Wednesday, too, she said.

The Big Scroll " The commission is also mandated by the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 to "spread human rights literacy.and promote awareness of the safeguards available for the protection of these rights through publications, the media, seminars and other available means". "If I don't win this, maybe the next one will, maybe one after that", ANI reported her as saying.

Rahul took to Twitter to condemn the incident and said BJP should not collude with culprit for his connection with the party. "Who knew when, or if, the cops would show up", she said in a Facebook post.

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