Beware of government-run health care

That's right: The government would be spending more for us to get less. Mitch M, go to 51 Votes NOW and WIN. The president issued a similar request in mid-July and in May.

We the people gave Republicans a majority in both houses precisely to clean up the mess of the Obama years, to clean out the Swamp, get our finances in order, enforce immigration law, and reinstate the traditional Judea-Christian values that once made this nation great. before we go the way of Venezuela.

I noticed your front-page story "Health care effort launched" (Aug. 2) uses the correct and emotionally neutral name Affordable Care Act.

"We're not going back to health care", Republican Sen. "We didn't have 50 Republicans".

"Both folks in the House and the Senate, on both sides of the aisle frankly, have said that Obamacre doesn't work", Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said on Fox & Friends. They pointed to MA, where Republican Gov. Mitt Romney presided over a system that preserved the health insurance industry by helping people buy insurance.

This strategy allows Republicans to pass a bill without any help from Democrats.

Congress is trying to require Medicaid recipients to work for benefits. Problem is, the Republicans have told other Republicans for years they are Taxed Enough Already.

"They can start hiring like never before".

Congress still needs to do that, and Gohmert said it's "garbage" that the Senate believes its majority is safe. "Ryan, this is something that everybody, most everybody in the Senate that's a Republican ran on".

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Republican Sen. Tim Scott of SC agreed.

On the other hand, Lankford said something must change. Therefore, it could stunt the GOP's growth within the Senate.

Let's back up. After Republicans' attempt to undo some of Obamacare fell one vote short in July, President Trump got out in front by not-so-subtly threatening Republicans with the label "total quitters" and hammering them at every public opportunity.

Sanders said Scavino was responding from his personal account, rather than in his official capacity "and I'm not going to comment on his personal Twitter account". Roger Wicker, R-Georgia. "That is something that might speed the process along". Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, talk about a family in northern Wisconsin that had to repay the IRS for federal health care assistance it didn't qualify for. "We haven't found it yet, and I'm not sure we will", said Arizona Sen.

All three poured cold water on the idea of eliminating the filibuster for major legislation.

All the truth-defying gyrations of the Trump White House can not erase the burden on congressional Republicans to provide something more tangible than tweets to voters struggling to make ends meet in a lopsided economy. "I still think there's a need for a body where consensus has to take place".

What a difference 200 days makes. "You control the Senate". However, he also admitted that the chances of passing any healthcare legislation are growing smaller and smaller by the day, and for this reason, he and his Republican colleagues would now consider working with Democrats to overhaul the healthcare system.

"I've described it as a slippery slope", said Arenberg.

"You've got a false hoax story about this whole Russian Federation collusion stuff that he is fighting", former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski tells Fox News in an interview.

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