Chaos Envelopes Donald Trump White House

Sean Spicer tritt zurück USA

Chaos Envelopes Donald Trump White House

During the Obama years, officials repeatedly told us that North Korea was years away from being a serious threat to the United States.

Tensions in Trump's inner circle erupted last week when Scaramucci assailed Priebus and Bannon, two of the West Wing's most senior figures. Yet time and again, Iran has surprised us. But the president gave Priebus many of the same assurances of control, and then proceeded to undercut and ignore him - to the point where Priebus often positioned himself at the door of the Oval Office to find out to whom the president was talking. There was the respectful post-election sit-down with President Barack Obama, and some respectable choices for the Cabinet.

But it didn't last.

"And I want chief of staff Kelly to have an unbelievable opportunity inside the White House", Scaramucci said.

On Capitol Hill, it has been maximum disruption, minimal legislation. And that's what we've seen over the last six months.

Also unclear is whether a new chief of staff will have any influence over the president's social media histrionics.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions remains top of the list for the next person to see the exit door.

Anthony Scaramucci was ousted from his position as White House communications director after only 10 days in office, and now the Internet is having a grand old time finding out as much as they can about the embattled communications director. A new path. An actual pivot. Immediately, Washington insiders contrasted Priebus with Kelly, a retired four-star general and reported disciplinarian who "won't suffer idiots and fools".

But that hasn't worked out, has it?

Ten days ago, a statement from the White House announcing Mr Scaramucci's appointment said he would "officially begin his new role on August 15".

Hands thrust into his pockets and a new government ID badge strung around his neck, Scaramucci watched stone-faced as Trump offered an effusive welcome to his new chief of staff, John Kelly. The law-school apologized and said that they would correct the mistake for future additions.

The show is reportedly eyeing former White House press secretary Sean Spicer as a contestant.

Miller added: "If I were [Chief of Staff] Gen. Kelly, I would go talk to Sean and say, 'Can you stay around through this effort?' And my guess is he could probably convince Sean to do that".

As far as the Republican establishment goes, this is the mighty falling.

"There's a new sheriff in town", said Barry Bennett, a former Trump campaign adviser. Can Trump be different? Will the president continue to undercut those who are trying to support his agenda? And now we have it personified in John Kelly. A move toward order and focus, as even the White House acknowledges.

BOWMAN: Well, it's quite clear that Trump is enamored with the military, especially generals.

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