Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 Annual Demand Will Surpass 700000

Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 Annual Demand Will Surpass 700000

Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 Annual Demand Will Surpass 700000

The debt offering marks Tesla's debut in the junk-bond market and the company will start road-shows with investors on Monday.

Moving at 25 mph is hardly a best-case scenario, but it's still quite the accomplishment. Tesla told Electrek that the price is now lower because Model X production has increased its efficiency and margins are increasing. In March, the company raised $US1.4 billion through a convertible debt offering.

Ratings agency Standards & Poor's reportedly gave the proposed bond issue a B- rating.

The EPA documents reveal the Model 3's horsepower rating, too.

The Tesla bonds will have to be repaid to investors in eight years but the interest rate on offer to investors has not yet been decided. This is more than double the official mileage the car is rated at. The last record before the one in Italy was set by Joeri Cools and Steven Peeters in Belgium, getting 560 miles in one charge.

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Tesla's market cap surpassed giant automakers like Ford and General Motors earlier this year, despite its relatively tiny share of the auto market.

"Based on our preparedness at this time, we are confident we can produce just over 1,500 vehicles in Q3, and achieve a run rate of 5,000 vehicles per week by the end of 2017".

Elon Musk-led Tesla is relying on the Model 3, its least pricey automobile, to become a lucrative, mass market electric vehicle maker.

Tesla said last week it received more than 1,800 reservations per day for the Model 3 since its launch in late July. Musk has said the first six months of manufacturing the Model 3 will be "production hell". The company said it expects capital expenditures of $2 billion in the second half of this year.

The EPA Certification Summary report points to an "END-SOC" or state of charge level of 78270 watt-hours or 78.2 kWh of useable battery capacity.

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