Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 breakdown

Here are some things you may have missed about Season 7, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, as well as some plain old fun facts about costumes and IKEA.

Our original piece notes that "o$3 n the surface, Game of Thrones is merely another cable television series with the requisite battles, backstabbing court intrigue, and scantily clad (or unclad) characters". (Jon needs to improve his game: a Westerosi history lesson is hardly good craic). Plus, if he was going to die, doing it with dragon fire would have been a more dramatic option.

Though Dany and her dragon lay waste to much of Cersei's army at the end of last night's episode, we did see Ser Bronn fire a shot through the dragon's shoulder, wounding the creature using the weapon developed for just that goal. It is the most impressive Game of Thrones battle yet. We see Daenerys looking stone cold, Drogon soaring, and Jon Snow looking up as Drogon and Dany "greet" him on Dragonstone.

Arya Stark is making a list and checking it twice, and her enemies can't hide if they're naughty or nice.

These kiddish hieroglyphics are apparently enough evidence for Dany to decide to lend her support to the North - when Jon bends the knee. Cersei is trying to convince Tycho that she has the gold to pay off the Iron Bank, and also that she's essentially beaten Daenerys, which is clearly untrue, and a flash to Jamie and the Lannister army shows us why. How many, you ask?

That didn't seem to throw Jaime off, though, as he charged at Daenerys in the episode's final moments while she tried to help Drogon, who had been grounded by a large spear. Littlefinger gifts it to Bran, who passes it onto Arya.

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Outside the steamy cave, Tyrion delivers some good and bad news - Dany's unsullied army took Casterly Rock, but they lost Highgarden. Though he only wounded Drogon, that's way more than anyone else managed.

Has Dany captured Jaime and Bronn? Whether successfully or not remains to be seen.

Likelihood: High. It seems fated that Jaime and Tyrion should meet again. Our heads are still spinning from everything that went down-but we're particularly shook, in the best way possible, about something that happened to Arya.

Hardhome. The Battle of the Bastards. Up top, is an extensive breakdown of the loot train attack that finally brought Dany into the field.

And if you don't want a dragon after this episode, you're wrong. The guards first think that she's a boy, and that she's lying about being the Hand's daughter before she gives them a verbal smackdown, threatening to sic her father on them.

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