Harvard lists Scaramucci as dead in directory

President Donald Trump spoke with newly sworn-in White House Chief of Staff John Kelly at the White House on Monday

JIM WATSON AFP Getty Images President Donald Trump spoke with newly sworn-in White House Chief of Staff John Kelly at the White House on Monday

Do not become numb to the mad king's outrages.

While the text reads as if Scaramucci was furious and yelling, the audio reveals that the two were laughing, sometimes joking with each other.

BOWMAN: Well, John Kelly's very decisive and aggressive.

The asterisk denotes that the person is deceased, and Harvard didn't reveal to the Washington Post if it was a mistake or a prank, but it did issue an apology. You can listen to the audio for the first time in the podcast. The three-sentence release concluded, "We wish him all the best". And so I think what he'll bring is that strong approach of following a process. Today President Trump said there is, quote, "no White House chaos'".

CORNISH: This also means more military in this administration, right?

He has insulted the decision-making skills of senators he now calls on for support. There was Michael Flynn. "It sends a signal that he's actually imposing consequences", Gautam Mukunda, a research fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School, said of Kelly's move. He feels comfortable around them. He needed to restore order to a staff that was divided by ambition, agendas and culture. The election has been denounced worldwide, and the US Treasury Department hit Maduro with sanctions after the vote.

Anthony Scaramucci may have been removed as the White House communications director on Monday, but he's not dead. As usual, Trump's first instinct was to lie.

He fell short of the standard set by Jack Koehler, who served in the position during Ronald Reagan's second term.

He constructed, enabled, even encouraged an organization lacking clear lines of authority and ridden with factions. Revisiting this topic just last week, I discovered that newer studies dismiss profanity's desensitizing impact. Here's what he said.

"I say you have to let Trump be Trump". This is hard. This is really hard. He has been a dedicated journalist for more than 20 years, writing and reporting for a variety of high standard news outlets. So will he want to ramp up troops to Afghanistan or just maybe try backing out? He resigned on May 18 but remained in the role until May 30, to assist Trump as he made his first trip overseas.

The Obama-era appointee was fired after he refused to submit a letter of resignation to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And then Scaramucci called Ryan Lizza, a reporter at The New Yorker. But Washington, and the country, has never seen anything like this.

Ivanka Trump and Kushner had initially pushed the president to hire Scaramucci, seeing him as a way to force out Priebus, former Republican National Committee chairman, and his allies in the West Wing, like Spicer. What will you be watching for? Will he favor one argument over another?

His White House career was over before it began.

So, yes, we got Kelly, and, yes, we no longer have the Mooch, but that's all in a day in TrumpWorld, and in the case of the Mooch, not even the most significant part of the day.

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