Percent Of Americans Don't Trust White House

"I think you have a small chunk of voters who are just unwilling to admit it", said Newhouse, who believes that dynamic undervalues the president's overall approval rating by as much as three points.

Shaub, who quit last month as director of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), told The Guardianthat the White House faced an "ethics crisis" due to Trump's business ties.

The reason why Trump tweets is under scrutiny, though, with seven in 10 people saying that his tweets seem to be in response to TV news too often. With Trump demanding full and speedy implementation of the new penalties, Tillerson has laid out a narrow path for the North to return to negotiations that could ultimately see sanctions lifted. None other than Jimmy Carter saw twice as many created as Trump - 2.14 million - in 1977.

"I want to apologize to the president for thinking his vacation is a vacation when plainly it's not", said Kimmel. "It's right there. He said, 'Meetings and calls.' He's working". The President's spending 17-days, which began on August 4, at one of the many courses he owns according to the Associated Press.

A brutal new CNN poll shows that almost three-quarters of Americans feel that they can't trust the Trump administration and more than half believe that President Trump has tarnished the stature of the US presidency.

Trump began a 17-day vacation on Friday, but his administration has portrayed it as a mandated absence so workers can replace the White House West Wing's heating and cooling systems.

Another poll out Tuesday found Trump is also facing problems in his desire for a second term.

After teasing that Pence is popular in Iowa because he was one of the original children of the corn, Colbert read Pence's insistent denial that he is not running in 2020. Once the White House Communications Office gets their list of positive pieces, they send some of them out to journalists while saving the best ones for Trump. Just 43% say Trump can "bring the kind of change the country needs", down from 48% in April, and the share who say he "can manage the government effectively" now stands at 39%, down from 44% in April. "On Aug. 11, 2015, for example, Trump tweeted, "@BarackObama played golf yesterday. "How do you bankrupt a casino?"

"The President's financial entanglements make it impossible to know whether he is making his decisions in the public interest or to benefit him or his family members financially", wrote the Democratic members led by Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland.

"We can not have tax reform done", Duffy said. "Never been happier, '" joked Fallon.

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