Trump weighed in on son's statement 'as any father would'

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Trump weighed in on son's statement 'as any father would'

Lapan, who has worked with Kelly for over a decade, is at the top of a short list to serve as the White House's top official on messaging and communications. And through it all, the constant churn in campaign personnel. Trump's bible lessons, you'll recall, ended with 2 Corinthians.

Anthony Scaramucci, who was removed as the White House communications director after 10 days, has broken his silence. In the same breath, Scaramucci ominously suggested the White House let go of all grudges, but "never forget". It's all of a piece.

"The retired Marine general, who was sworn in Monday morning, was brought into the White House in the hope that he will bring military-style disciple to Trump's staff. He has been fully empowered by the president to make significant changes to the organization, White House officials and outside advisers said". Kelly may be a four-star general, but four won't be enough.

Kelly's interest in Lapan suggests that he is as eager to impose discipline on the White House messaging strategy as he is to impose order on the chaotic and fractious West Wing.

Then-White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci answers a reporter's question during a July 21 news briefing at the White House.

Newsweek reported that the 45-year-old former press secretary spent an entire day in New York City last week meeting with executives at major broadcast networks about a new career in television. She has since given birth to their son.

There have been some pretty dramatic exits from the Trump White House lately. But it's the very lack of any Trump mention that's critical here. In Trump's mind, his new communications director's profile had become outsized. That is what has created this crazy do-nothing dynamic. "Mooch is in a position to clean up and...come out smelling like a rose". "Instead, we've assembled a 'B-team' of messengers who distract the nation with frivolities".

Sacaramucci has confirmed he wrote the memo.

A majority of voters also say they disapprove of Trump's performance on the economy, foreign policy, immigration, and health care. The quotes are devastating.

With the turnover in the White House the last couple of weeks, it reminds you of an episode of Trump on The Apprentice, where he concluded every show with, "You're Fired!"

If anyone could have succeeded in this line of thankless work, it should have been Scaramucci.

For the full conversation with Dr. Goidel, see the video player above. Only way for me to get the truth out! The issue now is the potential to turn the corner.

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