Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's Three-Carat Engagement Ring Was Partially Inspired by Beyoncé


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"I deep dive into their social media", Union tells the new issue of Health magazine. So truly, where do individuals see things going from here? Plus, all 3 of the guys were there too, waiting! "When I really started to see it was when I had to defend him to my family".

But let's get to the good stuff!

Rachel and Peter's final conversations were consumed by this impasse. He asked, so I did.

"I'm sorry that it's taking me this long", Peter said tearfully. Look at the recent graph over at FiveThirtyEight and you can see that Peter has dominated the camera time since the jump. Tashay Campbell, who doesn't know Fesberg but is squished next to her in these close quarters, shakes her head. I called him smarmy, and incapable of dressing himself. I mean, yeah, you go on the show and know what the ending is supposed to be, but at the same time it's real life. It's hard for me to not interpret her repeated comments about how "Peter messed with my mind" as "He was challenging me with reasonable arguments".

On Monday night, ABC aired the season finale of The Bachelorette, and it appears that the show's first African-American bachelorette will soon be a married woman ...well at least we hope so. Moretz reveals she went home in tears that day.

They seemed genuinely happy, though as they cuddled together on "The Bachelorette" couch and talked about their future, viewers couldn't help but notice the difference between the couples. If she slept with anyone it would have been Brian cause they have always had physical chemistry. I wanted that proposal to be all about Bryan.

"It was incredible", she says.

"I was just being honest", she said of her sort-of, kind-of sly remark. Rachel walks him out and says she does love him but she's not IN love with him. "She wants an even mix of girls and boys". He tells us as he's being driven away that he's gonna miss her and everything about her.

Also in the interview, Peter addressed that particularly cutting remark he made to Rachel during their breakup, when he told her "Go find someone to have a mediocre life with". So what's worse, not going for the guy that can't just work up the impulse to propose to you after the length of a series, or going with the guy that can actually do it? I, and all of the women waiting in line and clutching photos, don't know these people.

Truly, Bryan's proposition took the greater part of a couple of minutes though Diminish and Rachel's uncertain forward and backward dramatization took up a decent bit of the show.

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