Check Out the GAME OF THRONES Featurette for "The Spoils of War"!

Check Out the GAME OF THRONES Featurette for

Check Out the GAME OF THRONES Featurette for "The Spoils of War"!

It will be better than before as it's the penultimate season of the show.

Game of Thrones set the record for setting people on fire during Sunday night's explosive episode, "The Spoils of War".

HBO released the trailer for GoT 7x5. "It's just the two of them in a small space, standing near each other and us just watching that and feeling the heat of that".

On why Jaime made a decision to attack a grounded Drogon, the actor said, "Jaime is such an idiot that he thinks for a second, 'If I can do this, I can win the whole thing in a Hail Mary".

In the letter, Martin wrote that he had ideas for a potential love triangle between Arya Stark, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister.

"You need to find a way to make her listen", Varys says, suggesting that Daenerys might be getting a little power insane. He maybe referring to save the mother of Dragons to not to become another ruthless monarch. Believe it or not, there are Game of Thrones fans who ship Sansa and Jon, and she was married to Tyrion... But we can at least also look forward to the return of Sam and Gilly at Oldtown, poring over more papers that, like Sam's discovery of the dragonglass under Daenerys's castle, might hold the key to saving the realm.

Check: Dragon Ball Super Episode 103.

HBO has always been kind enough to give us a quick preview of the upcoming episode after we've watched the most recent one and well, as Ser Davos so eloquently put it, "bad things are coming". This post contains spoilers from Season 7 and *potentially* beyond, but like Jon Snow, we know nothing. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Shakman's remarks tease that Eastwatch will see Jaime Lannister making his way back to King's Landing where he will inform his sister/lover/Queen Cersei Lannister that Daenerys and her dragons are more than worthy adversaries. It is just a glimpse of their meeting. Not that it would bother them too much on the relationship front, considering that the Targaryens intermarried for years.

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