Facebook announces personalised video platform called Watch

Facebook announces personalised video platform called Watch

Facebook announces personalised video platform called Watch

Facebook representatives declined to discuss details regarding advertising on Watch.

Taking the video content a step further, Facebook has come up with a new platform called Watch exclusively for videos.

Facebook has said that it will also broadcast one Major League Baseball game every week. But that's not what's exactly happening here.

The platform will be serving up content in episodic formats, personalised according to users - helping them discover new shows, based on what their communities and friends are watching. This has us wondering what exactly the team behind 'Watch' has planned for both the near and distant future.

"What makes watching Facebook videos special is your friends".

The Discover section allows you to explore all the videos that are available. And then it faced heat from advertisers upset that their advertising was still appearing next to such videos. Facebook didn't want to pay for a news show, the people said. So Facebook could face similar issues here too.

The billionaire tech entrepreneur said that some of the shows will be made by "professional creators".

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For now, the new video section is just rolling out to a small test group of users, but Facebook plans to roll it out to all USA users in the next few weeks or months.

Users can browse or after a comment, chat with friends, create communities of interest.

In June, Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook was in talks with Hollywood studios to create original programming to reach Millennial video watchers. Are you going to tune in? Each video will also show user comments. Watch emphasizes that point.

Facebook officially confirmed the impending launch of Watch on Wednesday afternoon, following the publication of this report, in a tweet and in a linked blog post. Think TV shows, because that's pretty much what they are. Likewise, there is going to be ad breaks within the video though the exact formalities of the same are still being debilitated upon.

Snapchat's platform also focuses on hard news and politics, as opposed to influencer and viral publisher content, which seems to be Facebook's strategy by launching with partners like ATTN and Seeker.

The platform will be accessible via cellphone, desktop, laptop and on television apps. People familiar with the matter previously said Facebook was soliciting pitches for shows in six main categories: sports, science, pop culture, lifestyle, gaming and teens.

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