Game Of Thrones 'Spoils of War' served up a major cliffhanger

After a thrilling and nerve racking The Spoils of War episode, the stills of the Eastwatch, the fifth episode has arrived.

Resolutely not bending his knee is Jon Snow, who after a romantic cave adventure with Dany in the previous episode, is faced with the full force of Drogon's wrath. Is Varys up to his usual scheming, or is he trying to give earnest advice to Daenerys Targaryen? But Martin obviously knows what he's doing, given his book series, A Song of Fire and Ice, has led to one of the most popular TV shows of all time. She could be the most threatened - her new alliance is the most fragile, constructed by bit parts, held together by trust, and now severely tested. Even though she has three fully grown dragons and the largest army in Westeros, she is in need of allies. We're looking at cameras being flung in the air to replicate the first-person point of view of a dragon.

Judging by that title, as critical as what we do see here is what we don't see: the Wall, the White Walkers or anything involving the North. Both the characters have wowed the audience with their heroism and sense of justice, so it's no surprise that their rendezvous has created a flutter in many hearts. One wouldn't think to describe Bronn as "heroic", but he's nevertheless the man who enjoyed the hero shot during this epic season two battle, igniting a sea of wildfire with nothing more than a well-placed arrow.

There's nothing as powerful as the love of a mother and that's exactly what Daenerys is to her Dragons. After Bran, Arya comes back to Winterfell to reunite with her brothers and sister. We'll let you decide whether or not that's a good thing. "Thank you, for my life", Tyrion said at the time - well, is it now time for payback, to betray Dany for brotherly love? As he prayed the "idiot" would run rather than try to attack Daenerys and Drogon, Tyrion seemed to finally realize that siding with Dany meant siding against his brother. Olenna is dead, but not before she did a magnificent mic drop moment revealing how she was behind Joffrey's killing. Some fans think Jaime Lannister is actually Azor Ahai, and his gold right hand plays a crucial role in that theory. So while she is busy dealing with her significant adversaries, the decisive blow might come from where she least expects it.

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