Shahbaz to replace Nawaz as party chief

Sharif launched the "caravan" from Islamabad to his eastern hometown of Lahore, despite the concerns of close advisers about security for himself and the crowds he is expected to draw.

Sharif is travelling in a bomb-proof vehicle especially designed for the journey, meant as a show of strength after the Supreme Court's decision has left his ruling party scrambling to replace him.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood on Thursday said it is concerning to see that a three-time prime minister is using words against the judiciary. "When I never took it, what would I declare?"

Sharif's travel plan has upset his rival Imran Khan, who in a press conference, has alleged that Sharif was disgracing the court by challenging its decision through the roadshow.

Jamshed Ahmed Khan, a local trader, said the hot weather could not deter them from coming out to support their leader. "So now I think I should go home".

Sharif also held a meeting with his successor, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Cabinet ministers andparty leaders before embarking on the long journey.

A huge convoy of deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif leaves Islamabad, Pakistan, Wednesday, August 9, 2017. Most tenures have been cut short by military coups.

He said no prime minister in the country's 70-year history had ever been allowed to complete his terms.

"We have to make sure that the mandate of the people is respected in the future".

The Election Commission of Pakistan on Tuesday asked Nawaz to be removed from the position of chief of his party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz).

In order to join the caravan, Hussain rented a auto that cost him Rs 20,000 ($190), roughly half his monthly income as a shopkeeper in the city of Muzaffarabad, 90km north of Islamabad. He has vowed to get justice for eight of his supporters killed in anti-government rallies in 2014.

During the rally, PML-N leaders, including Talal Chaudhry, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Daniyal Aziz and others greeted their supporters and addressed to maintain the zeal. The general elections in Pakistan are due next year.

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