Trump warns North Korea of 'fire and fury'

Trump warns North Korea of 'fire and fury'

Trump warns North Korea of 'fire and fury'

Tillerson said that a new diplomatic strategy for North Korea was not warranted, adding that there was "no imminent" threat from it.

As the risks of a war between the US and the North Korea rise amid threats and counterthreats, President Donald Trump has more than his reputation on the line.

Pyongyang reacted by claiming it was "carefully examining" a plan to strike Guam - an island territory in Micronesia and the site of a USA military base.

On Tuesday, The Washington Post published extracts from a Defence Intelligence Agency report which suggested North Korea had successfully produced a miniaturised nuclear warhead that can fit inside missiles.

North Korea has made no secret of its plans to develop a nuclear-tipped missile able to strike the United States and has ignored worldwide calls to halt its nuclear and missile programs, according to the report.

Speaking from Clemson, Graham told "CBS This Morning" that President Donald Trump is prepared to go to war if it means preventing North Korea from firing on the U.S.

The Governor of Guam also issued a statement Wednesday, in which he said he was working with Homeland Security, the Rear Admiral, and the United States to ensure the island's safety and that "there is no change in threat level resulting from North Korea events".

Even so, 72 percent of Americans in a CBS News poll released Wednesday said they were uneasy about the possibility of a conflict with North Korea, while 26 percent said they expected things to be resolved.

"An attack or threat on Guam is a threat or attack on the United States".

The spokesman said the strike would aim to "contain the USA major military bases on Guam".

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert also responded to Trump's "fire and fury" threats with an ominous warning of his own on his Tuesday show.

China, Pyongyang's traditional ally and biggest trading partner, has long called for the United States and North Korea to exercise restraint in the impasse and seek a negotiated solution that would de-nuclearise its secretive neighbour.

"The great leaders I've seen don't threaten unless they're ready to act and I'm not sure President Trump is ready to act", McCain said.

Significant changes to the U.S. nuclear arsenal capability would be heavily governed by existing treaties with other nuclear states.

The increasingly heated comments from both sides followed new United Nations Security Council sanctions estimated to cut off one third of the government's $3 billion revenue stream. "Should the U.S. pounce upon the DPRK with military force at last, the DPRK is ready to teach the USA a severe lesson with its strategic nuclear force", it said in a statement on Monday.

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