What's next for Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones?

In the final scene, Jaime Lannister - in the midst of trying to take out Daenerys Targaryen - was almost burned to a crisp by her dragon but was rescued at the last moment. Also, her insistence that Jon Snow "bends the knee" is just annoying now. As Bronn aims the ballista at her dragon and the arrow finds its mark, Jaime sees his chance and runs to Daenerys and her dragon with a spear. After all, Daenerys' dad, The Mad King, did go bonkers and starting burning everyone until Jaime stopped him. He cited that Bran Stark has seen the Night King marching towards Eastwatch. What made this sequence stand out is that, for the first time since Blackwater, this was a Game of Thrones battle without a clear rooting interest. While Bran's "visions" - fantastic delivery of the line by Sophie Turner about that, like a sister telling another that their brother is into fidget spinners in a big way - are an unexpected development, the show cannily pointed to Sansa and Arya's destiny's nearly from the moment we met them. Their passion will continue to torment Jon and Arya throughout the trilogy, until the secret of Jon's true parentage is revealed in the last book'.

The two ladies share a knowing glance and then Jon takes Daenerys off to see his cave. "Wanna come check out this Dragonglass and some creepy cave paintings?"

That said. sub in Sansa Stark for her sister, and we have another potential (but still gross) love triangle on our hands. Forget the Lannisters, Jon got buuuuurned. How that will figure into the show moving forward is still unclear.

While a pronged ballista seemed like enough to take down an inanimate dragon's skull at King's Landing, Maester Qyburn's weapon wasn't quite as effective on a moving target in the field of battle.

In a season that's moving at a rapid pace, The Spoils of War was our favourite episode of the season. Pick up the pace, guys! He says he avoids exposure to leaks and when "GOT"-time arrives each Sunday, "the phones are off" as he and his San Diego flatmates huddle in the front of the screen". Is this where the Westeros forces led by Jon and Danearys will make their stand against the White Walkers?

Will the Dany and Jon romance develop further? Littlefinger offers Bran the Valyrian steel dagger that was once used to try to kill Bran, and it's nice to see the colour drain off his face when a deadpan "Three-Eyed Raven" tells him, "Chaos is a ladder". Are they going to be in open rebellion against Dany? She'll have to probably choose between her twin and the throne - and we know she's never going to give up her power.

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