'Obviously, there's some frustration': Trump lashes out at McConnell, McCain over healthcare

"I don't have anything more to add", she told reporters in New Jersey, where the president is on a working vacation at his golf club in Bedminster.

10 that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should step down from his position if he fails to have a number of Trump's priorities passed in the Senate. Republican aides have griped that Trump's lack of clarity on health care muddled the GOP message and Republican senators have openly complained about the President's tweeting habit and called on him to practice more focus and self-discipline.

"Senator Mitch McConnell said I had 'excessive expectations, ' but I don't think so", Trump tweeted.

But it was McConnell's most recent statement Monday that set off the latest feud.

Trump and his supporters love such political brawls, and the McConnell flare-up potentially shores up the president's base at a time when it is showing signs of weakening support.

"@SenateMajLdr No Senator, YOU are a WEAK, SPINELESS leader who does not keep his word and you need to Retire!"

Mr Trump and Congress failed to secure a major legislative victory during the President's first 200 days in office.

Trump said he was "surprised" to learn of the pre-dawn Federal Bureau of Investigation search of his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort's Virginia home in July. "I just think there are some growing pains that come with that, but things we can work through".

McConnell's office hasn't responded to Trump's latest criticisms this week, but Sen.

The comments came hours after Trump launched his third Twitter attack of the week against McConnell, feeding a pattern that threatens to deepen the distrust and frustration already bubbling within the traditional GOP establishment about a president who seems to have little concern for party loyalty.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump went back to his attack on Mitch McConnell for daring to question him over his plan to repeal and replace Obamcare. He refused to say explicitly if he wanted McConnell to be replaced: "Ask me that question".

Newt Gingrich, a Trump adviser and former Republican leader in the House, thought the confrontation was ill-advised.

To be sure, this scenario depends on a long series of assumptions, the most important of which is that public dissatisfaction with Trump, or some Trump-triggered crisis, doesn't drag the whole GOP down to defeat in the midterms.

"I've been hearing repeal and replace now for seven years, but I've only been doing this for two years, and I've really only been doing this for six months, but I've been running". That Trump rally predated all of Congress' attempts to redo health care, and the president urged the crowd to "be nice" to McConnell.

The president also said that he had not spoken to new FBI Director Christopher Wray about the search warrant.

Trump may not care - which is his right.

Strange, who was appointed to fill now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions' seat, has the backing of McConnell, the majority leader's super PAC and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

At an event ahead of last weekend's Fancy Farm picnic, McConnell said he would be willing to consider a proposalthat would make changes to the Affordable Care Act with support from Democrats-he had previously planned on passing a measure with only Republican votes.

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