Politicians Slam Postal Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

The government earlier this week said if the bill was voted down in the Senate, then a voluntary non-binding postal vote would occur - also at a cost of nearly $100 million, ABC reported. This survey will not change Labor's support for marriage equality.

It's unclear at this stage if the cases will be joined.

"That will be frustrating for advocates of marriage equality because it is absolutely clear in Australian law that Parliament could make this change today or this week if it wanted to,"said Ryan Goss, a senior lecturer in law at Australian National University".

We are standing with our brothers and sisters in Australia, hoping a vote in favor of marriage equality comes quickly for them.

The government was trying to restore the defeated legislation rather than putting it back to the lower house because it wasn't confident its own members would support it, Senator Wong said.

"It's hard to see how the fulfilment of an election commitment is unforeseen", Ms Brown said.

The latest attempt to resurrect the debate around same-sex marriage was triggered after a group of rebel politicians inside the government began a push to ditch the plebiscite as official government policy.

Mr Chester intends to vote "yes" in the postal plebiscite, however said he would "respect the wishes of the majority when it comes time to vote in the Federal Parliament".

"This is ridiculous", Opposition leader Bill Shorten said after the meeting.

The postal plebiscite that the coalition has come up with to resolve the issue of same-sex marriage is perhaps equally inelegant, but it's what the political compromise of our country's Parliament has finally delivered. Also, Australians would not get a chance to see the legislation they are voting on until after casting their ballots.

If the people of Australia approve amending the marriage act that is enshrined in the constitution, by way of a constitutional referendum to include the marriage of same sex couples, so be it.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has told staff to stop using the phrase "marriage equality" ahead of a vote on whether to extend equal marriage rights to same-sex couples.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), the union representing ABS employees, has expressed concern about the department's ability to manage the postal vote.

Australia's prime minister said Tuesday that Parliament could legalize gay marriage this year if the nation's voters endorse it in a rare nonbinding poll in November.

"If you don't like same-sex marriage vote "no", if you're anxious about religious freedom and freedom of speech vote "no", if you don't like political correctness vote "no", he said in Canberra on Wednesday morning, reports Yahoo News.

Trent Zimmerman is encouraging Australians to have their say in the planned postal plebiscite, despite it not being his first option to settle the long-running debate.

'It has never been attempted ever in the making of laws in Australia.

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