Taylor Swift takes the stand in groping lawsuit

Singer Taylor Swift has testified for the first time against a former DJ accused of groping her

DANNY MOLOSHOK REUTERS Singer Taylor Swift has testified for the first time against a former DJ accused of groping her

Both Swift and Mueller's teams claim the proof is in the photo, the very photo that they never wanted released that was instead the focal point of a federal court case, in a courthouse with dozens of members of the media from around the country waiting outside.

Taylor Swift's "grope picture" that apparently shows Mueller grabbing her butt is being used as court evidence against the DJ.

Taylor Swift's mum made an emotional appearance in court, as she testified about the moment she learned the star had been groped backstage at a concert.

When shown a photo of the meet and greet between her, Mueller and his then-girlfriend Shannon Melcher by one of David Mueller's attorneys, Swift firmly stated: 'This is a photo of him with his hand up my skirt - with his hand on my ass.

When questioned by Mueller's lawyer, Gabriel McFarland on the incident, Taylor stood by what allegedly happened, including Mueller grabbing her "bare bottom". "It was intentional. He stayed latched onto my bare a. cheek". She felt sick, she recalled what happened and said, "I was very upset ..."

Swift's reply: "Gabe, this is a photo of him with his hand up my skirt-with his hand on my ass. It was underneath my skirt".

After the allegations surfaced, Mueller lost his job at the radio station so he sued Taylor for $3 million in damages. "And your client could have taken a normal photo with me".

Billboard's Gil Kaufmann praised the star for refusing to let Mr McFarland sway her interpretation of the incident.

Call says his hand was "in my mind, without question, behind Ms".

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"I don't know anything about Mr. Mueller". That photo, which was studied meticulously in court this week, shows Swift standing with a large gap between herself and Mueller.

However, the exact position of his hand would not have been captured by cameras because they were stood directly in front of wall, she said. Bell says Swift's team never threatened KYGO - and that in fact, the radio station has far more power in the situation. I know it was him. But asked by his own lawyer whether he had grabbed Swift's backside, Mueller said flatly, "No, I did not".

According to People Magazine, Swift is seeking only $1 from the lawsuit.

"But in his opening statement, Baldridge told jurors that Swift is "absolutely certain" she was sexually assaulted by Mueller, and the photo is "damning" proof of it".

Swift, who has 85 million followers on Twitter and 102 million followers on Instagram, earned $170 million in the year to June 2016 following a world tour and her best-selling "1989" album, according to Forbes Magazine.

"I saw it happen".

"He had a handful of my ass".

In September 2015, Mueller sued Taylor and her mother for "interference with contractual obligations and prospective business relations" over her "false accusations".

"I didn't have a reaction to a odd person I didn't know losing his job ... that was a product of his decisions, not mine", she said.

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