Tim Minchin Still Calls Australia Home…ophobic

Tim Minchin Still Calls Australia Home…ophobic

Tim Minchin Still Calls Australia Home…ophobic

Citizens of the land Down Under will now be asked to vote for or against same-sex marriage through a voluntary mail-in ballot.

"And this is why so many people are anxious about what they think is the war on our way of life that politically correct activists have been prosecuting for years now", he said.

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby wants the plan abandoned, saying he was happy to wait to Wednesday his partner of 50 years instead of having the public postal vote.

Tim Minchin has re-worked a classic Australian tune, showing which side of the debate he's on when it comes to marriage equality in his homeland. "If that's the case, that'll be reflected in the plebiscite and of course then it will sail through the Parliament", he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader in the Senate Penny Wong - a lesbian and a member of the Australian Labor Party - was praised online for an emotional speech she delivered on Tuesday.

"We love our children and I object, as do every person who cares about children, and as do all those couples in this country, same-sex couples who have kids, to be told our children are a stolen generation".

"Let's all join the movement for marriage equality".

Or if the suffragettes had decided fighting for women's rights was simply too hard.

Some of Australia's leading marriage equality advocates and the Equality Campaign have lodged seperate bids in the High Court to stop the postal vote going ahead.

Rev Jones and Cr Battista criticised the non-binding nature of the postal plebiscite on the parliament.

Labor has raised questions about missing legal protections against bribery and intimidation, the short time frame for updating the electoral roll, the ability of voters in remote areas to return their ballot papers, the lack of authorisation of campaign material and the inability to challenge the result in the Court of Disputed Returns.

"They had the opportunity to resolve this matter through a vote in Parliament and they said 'no", he said. Two decades ago, when he led the failed push for Australia to become a republic, Turnbull said a postal plebiscite "flies in the face of Australian democratic values".

Same-sex couples can have civil unions or register their relationships in most states across Australia, but the government does not consider them married under national law.

"We can talk about opinion polls, a lot of politicians have said "well the opinion polls show 60 per cent" or some have claimed as high as 70 per cent". There are still large patches of the country who think that same-sex marriage should not be allowed.

"It is anticipated that subject to these arrangements, the ABS, supported by Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) officers as appropriate, will make relevant announcements about timetables and practical arrangements", Senator Cormann said.

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