Ezekiel Elliott Suspended For Violating NFL's Personal Conduct Policy

Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant expects Elliott will be on the field for Week 1

Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant expects Elliott will be on the field for Week 1

The NFL said the investigation took so long because the NFLPA delayed delivering requested information for six months. While legal authorities did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the National Football League concluded that their personal conduct policy had been violated.

Under the NFL's current domestic violence policy, first time offenders receive a six-game suspension, though the league is able to alter that (to make it harsher or more lenient) based on the circumstances surrounding the incident. The Columbus city attorney's office decided last September that Elliott wouldn't face charges.

There's also a chunky bit of slander for the sake of slander, too. McFadden, a Heisman runner-up during his Arkansas days, gained 1,089 yards for the Cowboys in 2015 but missed much of last season with an elbow fracture. He was video recorded pulling a woman's top down at a St. Patrick's Day parade in March.

Either way, even if Elliott's suspension stands, Los Angeles will still have their work cut out for them when facing Dallas' offense if last season is any indication of what's in store for 2017. The group also reviewed the league's investigative reports and materials, the expert medical reports, and multiple NFL Players Association submissions on Elliott's behalf.

In an official statement by the league, the NFL explained the reasoning behind the six-game ban of Elliott, which would delay his 2017 season debut until Week Eight, the Cowboys October 29th matchup against the Washington Redskins. He has three days to appeal, and if he fails to do so, his suspension will begin once the preseason ends.

Elliott still could (will) appeal the suspension and this thing could get dragged out quite a bit.

"I am both surprised and disappointed by the NFL's decision today, and I strongly disagree with the League's findings", Elliott said. Along with leading the league in rushing yards, his 15 rushing touchdowns placed him third.

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