'I'm not going to rule out a military option' for Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addresses the all-powerful pro Maduro assembly which has been placed over the National Assembly and tasked with rewriting the constitution in Caracas

'I'm not going to rule out a military option' for Venezuela

While Trump raised the specter of military intervention, his top national security aides have downplayed that possibility.

"With this extremist elite that's in charge in the USA, who knows what will happen to the world?".

"I think they're very different places, so I don't want to comment". Most recently, on Wednesday the United States sanctioned the brother of deceased former leader Hugo Chavez - Adan, who was appointed secretary of Venezuela's new "all powerful" constituent assembly.

The opposition has denounced Maduro for dragging Venezuela toward dictatorship and has appealed to Venezuela's military for help at a time of rising tensions between Maduro and the United States.

Trump revealed at the meeting that he plans to speak by phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping this evening about North Korea. "What's really required is for everyone to have one voice about the need to protect the rights and the safety of the Venezuelan people".

They were the strongest words delivered by Trump since the administration called him a dictator and froze his assets following the July 30 vote in Venezuela that will allow a new constituent assembly to change the Venezuelan constitution and strip current lawmakers of power.

On the other hand, he reiterated his rejection of intervention by the Organization of American States (OAS) - an instance that believes has put pressure on the member countries to execute "illegal sanctions" against Venezuela.

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The ambassador, Diego Molero, has five days to leave Peru, the country's Foreign Affairs Ministry said Friday.

Senators from the oil states of the US urged President Donald Trump to not block oil shipments from Venezuela as part of USA sanctions against the country, saying it could raise costs for US fuel consumers.

It has also been condemned by global leaders and by the Pope, who urged Maduro not to inaugurate it.

Mr Kuczynski, a former Wall Street investment banker who spent decades living in the U.S., is frequently mocked on Venezuelan state TV and was once referred to as the "empire's lapdog" by an official.

A masked demonstrator stands in front of a smoking pile of burning trash used as a barricade, during protests in Caracas, Venezuela.

On Thursday, Credit Suisse bank said it banned trading in Venezuelan bonds over what it said were "recent development and the political climate" in the country, according to an internal memo.

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