Paul Manafort searching for a new lawyer amid Mueller probe


Robert Mueller wants to interview White House officials

When asked by a reporter during an inpromptu press conference following a national security briefing in Bedminster, New Jersey, how he would categorize his relationship with Sessions and if they'd spoken about their differences he replied, "It is what it is".

"Probable cause means that FBI agents went to a federal judge in secret and persuaded her that it was more likely than not that in Mr. Manafort's house they would find evidence of a crime", he added.

Manafort for some time has been the focus of Federal Bureau of Investigation and Senate investigators regarding the possible contacts between Russian Federation and Trump's team. Driving the inflated rates at the Trump International Hotel in Washington: favor-seekers from around the world know to stay there when they hope to curry favor with Trump's government. "I was very, very surprised to see it".

The committee is one of several congressional panels investigating potential ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign.

"I haven't given it any thought". "Well, I've been reading about it from you people".

"I would tell him to cooperate", said MSNBC contributor Elise Jordan.

Though Trump himself has engaged in a number of opaque foreign business deals, his aides believe it was Manafort's work in Russia, Ukraine, and elsewhere that set off the special counsel's alarm bells-and got him digging into issues only tangentially related to alleged Russian election shenanigans. Whether the investigation ends up centering on potential financial crimes or possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, those former prosecutors said nailing the goods on Manafort will be key to Mueller's case.

Mueller is reportely probing whether President Trump obstructed justice by firing former FBI head James Comey
Mueller is reportely probing whether President Trump obstructed justice by firing former FBI head James Comey

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal called the raid a "highly significant step" and said it was "typical of the most serious criminal investigations dealing with uncooperative or untrusted potential targets".

Trump offered praise for the attorney general's work to crack down on illegal crossings of the U.S. -Mexico border.

"He's working hard on the border".

Then Trump said: 'I've always found Paul Manafort to be a very decent man.

Also Thursday, Trump brushed off Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to expel hundreds of USA diplomatic employees from Russia, instead thanking Putin and insisting it would save the US significant cash.

He replied within minutes: "If it's what you say I love it especially later in the summer".

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