Fargo Public Library to host two solar eclipse events

2,432 Number of days until total solar eclipse in Syracuse! In the middle of that two-hour period, the light of the Sun will be all but completely obscured, turning day to night for all standing in its path. It will appear as an upward-pointing arc, like the top of a fingernail.

"For DSLR cameras, the best way to determine the correct exposure is to test settings on the uneclipsed Sun beforehand". This is the first total solar eclipse in the lower 48 states since 1979 and the first coast-to-coast eclipse since 1918.

That's when people in a 70-mile path from OR to SC will have the eerie midday experience of seeing the sun blotted out by the moon.

When should I look for it?

"This path will go north to south, from Mexico, crossing this eclipse's path in Carbondale, Illinois going right over downtown Indianapolis, Indiana then heading over the great lakes into Canada", he said.

Hamilton is not in the path to see a total eclipse, but will see the sun about 95 percent covered.

And there's another warning: Counterfeit eclipse glasses that look like the real thing, but may not protect your eyes properly.

"The difference between a partial and a total (eclipse) is literally night and day", he said. The eclipse will end in Great Falls at 12:57 p.m.

How can I look at it safely?

Staring at the sun can damage an eye's retina, causing temporary or even permanent damage.

We're writing to provide you with important safety information about the eclipse products you purchased on Amazon (order for Solar eclipse glasses 2017 for safe solar eclipse viewing eclipse glasses 2017 for safe solar eclipse viewing). Your best bet is to stick with a brand whose glasses are certified by NASA and the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

The Bitterroot College Eclipse Event team has safe viewing options planned as part of the celebration.

While many eclipse-chasers will find this rare wonder worth the time and expense, it's a headache for the truck drivers who depend on these major highways to transport everything from berries to copper tubes.

What Is a Full Solar Eclipse?

The total eclipse in America will be visible in 14 different states, according to NASA.

Weather permitting, if you are anywhere in the continental United States, you will be able to see at least a partial solar eclipse on August 21. That eclipse took a somewhat similar path as this month's will, from OR to Florida.

Anyone in the path of totality will see a complete total eclipse. The 2045 eclipse will track from northern California to Florida.

The eclipse will happen on August 21, 2017. Even a thin sliver of the sun's disk covers thousands of these light-sensitive cells. That means that most of the time, at the new moon, the moon's shadow is cast just above or below Earth.

For a solar eclipse to occur, the sun, moon, and Earth have to align, which happens around the new moon every lunar month.

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