SB1 won't correct broken school funding system — STATEHOUSE REEDER

Gov. Bruce Rauner speaks to the Herald News Editorial Board on Wednesday Aug. 2 2017 about his decision to amendment veto Senate Bill 1

SB1 won't correct broken school funding system — STATEHOUSE REEDER

Rauner has called the education bill a "bailout" for CPS at the expense of other districts in Illinois. The Illinois Policy Institute wants to get rid of TIFs. The district will work to borrow money and serve tax anticipation warrants to get through it, but the school system will need state funds soon.

Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza yesterday authorized about 429 million-dollars in categorical payments to schools.

And she said that Rauner's veto would threaten TIF districts, which she said are "one of the few economic development tools left in our tool box". That changes the calculation by less than 2 percent in Belleville Elementary District 118.

The General Assembly now has a responsibility to act in that same spirit.

Democratic Sen. Andy Manar of Bunker Hill is the legislation's (SB 1) sponsor. Democrats and Republicans alike have complained about our state's school funding formula for decades, and my administration took on this challenge.

"The shift in pension costs of new teachers will affect districts like mine more than it will affect the wealthier districts", he said.

"What's going to happen if we don't have an override on Wednesday?"

Negotiations on a compromise school funding agreement are ongoing, Manar said. There will be no mass exodus from public schools.

Sunday, the Senate will vote on whether or not to override the governor's changes.

This program is not a lifeboat for Catholic schools.

Madigan's plan assumes that on Sunday the Senate will in fact override the governor. "We want schools to open on time and with a fairer funding system".

Fitch Ratings warned last week that some districts, including junk-rated CPS, could face credit downgrades in the event of an extended school funding impasse. Nonprofit organizations and religious groups that offer tuition scholarships can't meet the needs of all the low-income families looking for an alternative to low-performing public schools.

Rauner, a wealthy former private equity investor who had never served in public office prior to his election in November 2014, promised to "turn around" state government. But the Chicago Democrat did not specifically mention a vote to override the Republican governor's amendatory veto.

Democratic State Rep. Mike Halpin joined local superintendents for the discussion.

Roy Williams Jr., chairman of the education task force of the Faith Coalition for the Common Good, rallies support outside Feitshans Elementary school in Springfield for Senate Bill 1, legislation that revamps the way public schools are funded.

"What Rauner is proposing damages school districts across this state".

But, there are other things in the bill that are more problematic that need to be addressed.

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