Trump says he hopes North Korea understands gravity of situation

President Donald Trump has issued another warning of retaliation against North Korea

President Donald Trump has issued another warning of retaliation against North Korea

"Regardless of whatever twist and turns we could experience, the North Korean nuclear program should absolutely be solved peacefully".

Speaking to RT, Leonid Ivashov, a political analyst and retired Russian colonel-general, said North Korea wouldn't stand a chance against the USA if the conflict entered a military stage. The U.S. side wanted North Korea to show some progress on the issue of the American prisoners before granting the high-level North Korean delegation visas to enter the United States.

As the USA focuses on Trump's inaction on white supremacist violence, John Oliver is here to remind us that there's still a couple of big problems in the world: North Korea nuclear ambitions and our president's inability to properly handle them. "We can't pinpoint the exact timing, but it will take at least one to two more years".

USA officials have in recent days played down the risk of an imminent conflict while stressing their preparedness to respond militarily to any attack from North Korea.

Governor Eddie Calvo said he was grateful that Trump was taking a strong stance against North Korean threats to Guam - a USA territory island in the West Pacific. So it's a reminder that each time North Korea does a test, a nuclear or a missile test, public opinion in China towards North Korea sours and their patience just gets thinner and thinner.

"The effect from North Korea-related jitters on financial and foreign exchange markets has been causing some global anxiety and we cannot rule out market volatility can widen from the smallest shock", Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon said.

He added South Korea would "block war by all means".

Despite the differences in tone and tenor between what different us officials are saying about North Korea in public, the messaging in private has been relatively consistent.

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There is no doubt that a war between the US and North Korea will result in the fall of the communist regime and a pro-America unified Korea at China's doorstep. The United States is not prepared to meet China's proposed condition, a freeze on joint exercises near the Korean Peninsula.

The Governor of Guam has defended President Donald Trump's hard-line rhetoric on North Korea and dictator Kim Jong-Un.

HU: Well, the regime loves it because North Korea pins all of its domestic propaganda on this notion of an evil, imperialist America, right?

North Korea responded to Trump's rhetoric by threatening to attack the American Pacific island territory of Guam.

Alluding to the threats against Guam, Trump said if North Korea took any steps to even think about an attack, it would have reason to be nervous.

Kim said he would "watch a little more" Washington's behaviour, but will make an "important" decision if the U.S. continues its "extremely risky reckless actions".

Trump has urged China, the North's main ally and trading partner, to do more to rein in its neighbour, often linking Beijing's efforts to comments around US-China trade. Though tensions have been building for months amid new missile tests by the North, including the launch of its first intercontinental ballistic missile, the pace has intensified since the U.N. Security Council on Saturday passed sweeping new sanctions Trump had requested.

"It seems to me they plan to draw this out, perhaps expecting Trump to lose interest", said Jeffrey Lewis, an arms control expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.

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