Make sure your solar eclipse glasses has this before you look up

Make sure your solar eclipse glasses has this before you look up

Make sure your solar eclipse glasses has this before you look up

According to NASA, the path of totality, which is the path that the moon's shadow follows during a total solar eclipse, will begin in Lincoln Beach, OR and end in Charleston, SC before moving over the Atlantic Ocean.

Chances are you'll want to capture the moment and commit it to memory, but you need to be careful. It begins in the West off the coast of OR coast just after 9:00 AM (PDT) and will come to an end off the coast of SC in the Eastern part of the United States at just after 4:00 PM (EDT).

Solar eclipse glasses: Are typically 100,000 times darker than sunglasses and are made of black polymer, a flexible resin infused with carbon particles.

Dr. Ben Taylor with the Medical Eye Center in Medford says looking directly at the sun even has a chance of making you blind.

Solar rays are very powerful, and looking directly at the sun is always unsafe.

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Now, modern science proves total solar eclipses are nothing scary or surprising.

Museum officials said that when the moon completely blocks the sun the otherwise hidden solar corona will appear, and bright stars and planets also will become visible. You should order the glasses as soon as you can to get them by August 21.

Always inspect the lens or lenses of your solar filter before use to look for scratches, punctures and tears. "So you get the whole enchilada or just a piece of it", Craig said. Be careful where you're buying your protective eye wear.

That's why the Medical Eye Center is stressing the importance of eclipse viewers using solar glasses that fit the global safety standards.

If you were given the glasses by a friend or family member, and you're not entirely sure where they came from, you can check to see if the glasses comply with the " ISO 12312-2" safety standard. Consumers are also advised to compare the maker of their solar filter and viewer with a list of reputable vendors maintained by the American Astronomical Society.

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