Elvis Presley's beloved grand piano up for auction

Elvis Presley stamp by Antonio Alcala Leslie Badani and William Speer

Elvis Presley stamp by Antonio Alcala Leslie Badani and William Speer

On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley was found dead at the age of 42 in his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tenn.

Now, fans are looking back at Elvis Presley's 22-year music career that shaped the future of music and the culture surrounding it.

It's the 40th anniversary since the death of the King of Rock "N" Roll.

Salamone loved Elvis since she was a little girl. "I just stuck with him, and I've been with Elvis ever since".

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the King's death on Wednesday, five Elvis look-alikes will sing and dance the day away outside Upper East Side Mexican restaurant Selena Rosa. "And Elvis Presley was part of that universal language around the world with his music", said Memphis Convention and Visitor's Bureau spokesman Kevin Kern.

"It was then that I really got into his music".

"There were plenty of people who spoke French", he said in an interview with Presse Canadienne from Memphis.

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Thousands have shrines to Presley in their homes, consider visits to Graceland a pilgrimage, write prayers on the wall outside and some even go so far as to confuse him with Jesus, Harrison says.

Faye Newman attended the concert this weekend and also was able to experience the real Elvis Presley while he was still alive and well.

With Gary's love for the Blue Suede Shoe's performer stemming from his childhood and Marisa's love and idolisation of him growing by the day - the pair made a decision to put on a massive party in his honour. "You remember where you were and everything when it happened, just tremendous talent we lost there", Royse said.

49-year-old Lisa Marie chose to sport a red satin dress and dressed up her twin daughters in similar pink and white outfits. "Oh my gosh, no (I never lost the connection)", Priscilla added during her GMB chat.

She will give people a rare chance to hear her memories with Elvis.

Both kinds of Presley films are included in our ranked list of Elvis Presley's Top 10 movies from worst to best.

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