Sen. Hutchinson votes to override veto on school funding

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Sen. Hutchinson votes to override veto on school funding

Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, who is a lead champion for an overhaul.

The House convenes on Wednesday. An override will require 71 votes.

"Because it's one-year money", Sanders says. While McCann says Senate Bill 1 is not flawless, he also says that he took issue with several key changes found in Rauner's veto.

"The short summary is, we need to treat all our low-income children equitably and fairly", Rauner said.

"Senate Bill 1, as it (has) now been written, does not achieve both fairness and equity for all IL students, and it did not meet the expectations of the School Funding Commission, so that is why I have issued this amendatory veto", Gov. Rauner said in a video release. The state Senate voted Sunday to override the veto with only one Republican, but Democrats don't hold enough House seats to override without more help.

The third aspect of Rauner's veto that concerns McCann is a change after a few years from a per-district model to a per-pupil model.

While they acknowledged some of their schools would see an initial bump in funding under his plan, they said other changes in his veto mean districts that lose even a handful of students would be financially penalized in future years.

Earlier Wednesday, Rauner echoed his anti-Chicago theme by excoriating the "corrupt political machine in Chicago" during a political event in Springfield.

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The motion to override moves to the House. Override prospects are less certain there. The district said the spending plan can be revised once the state puts a school funding formula in place.

Senate Bill 1 will go back to the Illinois House of Representatives. Onstage at the Republicans' day at the Illinois State Fair, Rauner defended his veto of the school funding bill.

The house also has the option to do nothing. Many district superintendents said that while it's hard to operate without state funds, it's not impossible. "We have low-income, disadvantaged children in Chicago, and in Waukegan, and in Maywood".

The state budget contains either a poison pill or a stroke of genius-depending on how you look at it-that will force a revamp of the state's formula for funding its 852 district. "This veto exposed how Chicago has exploited the tax system to gain additional funding and would rightfully put them behind needier schools in line for funding".

The Senate convened Sunday.

Rauner made significant changes to the legislation because he says it sends hundreds of millions of dollars to Chicago at the expense of other districts.

An annual $200 million "block grant" exclusively for CPS, which was carved out years ago. Then, it funnels money first to districts with more poverty and other needs.

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