The Defenders: 30 Best Easter Eggs In Netflix's Marvel Universe (So Far)

It's been a fair old wait. Here's the latest about the new "Defenders" miniseries and when it will be available to watch on Netflix.

Marvel fans, particularly those who have followed the Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones solo shows on Netflix, will recognize a number of characters, including Elektra, and will note how plotlines introduced in those earlier shows blossom into unsafe fruition here.

While Luke Cage and Jessica Jones met in the first season of Jessica Jones, The Defenders will be the first time all four street-level superheroes meet in person.

He's back in The Defenders too. It's The Defenders. When Rand is teamed up with Cage, the moments feel as cool as they were meant to be - and Rand has a much better haircut this time around. But while first impressions are important, Danny Rand still has a shot.

Finn Jones does an admirable job of trying to make him watchable. When I took on this character, I wasn't like, 'What's his powers?' I was like, 'What are his struggles?

And a black belt in every martial art going. You also might be inclined to take a break and just, like, decompress.

The other three heroes all have their own quirks and foibles. That group has a building, members get paid and they hold press conferences.

Like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk on the big screen, the four heroes enjoyed solo outings setting their characters and worlds up before bringing them together to tie up a larger story arc.

Netflix and Marvel always like to tease these shows way in advance, so it's, quite literally, just a matter of time before the official teasers and trailer for The Punisher.

As though Marvel's Defenders knows that its fans have been waiting for years for this union of individualist forces. In this case, The Hand is laying plans to wipe out New York City, the same way that in past centuries it wiped out, say, Pompeii. We'll let you know when we can narrow things down even further. Watching the four episodes provided for review (there are eight in total) was an unexpected chore. Castle's narration is a monologue about the demons of his past, and the devil he sold his soul to-and the devil that's about to come to collect.

It isn't just the action that you're waiting for during the first few episodes of "The Defenders". I assumed she'd be incredible based exclusively on the fact that she's played by Sigourney Weaver, but actually watching her is really something else; everything she wears, every calm word and slight tilt of the head, is perfectly riveting.

The Defenders looks to be a neat team-up of Netflix and Marvel's outings to date, and should close the book nicely on this chapter.

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