Charlottesville Mayor Calls on State Assembly to Remove Confederate Statues

Charlottesville Mayor Calls on State Assembly to Remove Confederate Statues

Charlottesville Mayor Calls on State Assembly to Remove Confederate Statues

The mayor of Charlottesville called on Friday for a special session of Virginia's legislature to let localities decide the fate of Confederate monuments like the statue at the centre of a far-right rally last week that turned deadly. If you believe that the left will stop at Confederate statues, I've got a wonderful bridge in NY that I'd like to sell you. Duke is a private university and outside the scope of that law. Davis died in New Orleans in 1889.

A statue of Frank Rizzo, a former Philadelphia mayor and police chief, that sits outside a city government building in Philadelphia was spray-painted with the words, "Black Power", CNN affiliate WPVI reported.

"I absolutely disagree with this sanitization of history", Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, a Republican, told WVHU radio on Tuesday. Among them, a statue of Methodist leader John Wesley is prominently over the front door.

"These statues actually don't have a lot to do with the Civil War ..." And properly memorializing a white supremacist past could be impossible in this country and this climate, anyway; look at how long it took to get a museum of African-American history launched and placed in the mall.

Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, hosts memorials to a number of Confederate figures, including Gen. Robert E. Lee. As Megan Kate Nelson, another Civil War historian, says: "As a nation we prefer to erase our history of trauma in public". Anybody born in the United States, they insisted, was a citizen, and all citizens should enjoy equality before the law. Most Confederate monuments were built decades after the war by supporters of "the Lost Cause", a post-war movement to recast secession as a heroic struggle by slave states against impossible odds - while minimizing the central role of slavery as the war's main cause.

"I want them (the Democrats) to talk about racism every day", Bannon told the liberal American Prospect. "Maybe people were offended by the statues but didn't feel like they had a voice" to oppose them at the time.

Recently, M. Yvonne Taylor wrote a great piece about her feelings on the subject. In 2015, more than a thousand people attended a community meeting on campus about bias incidents, with some protesters taking the stage and shouting, "Duke, you are guilty!"

Two people in the arts community in Northwest Indiana declined to comment for this story, given the controversial nature of the topic, though one woman said opinion on public art changes over time, and yesterday's heroes are often today's villains.

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If you think it's okay to celebrate Confederate generals and leaders like Nathan Bedford Forrest, who later founded the KKK - and read the inscriptions and plaques that accompany most of the statues, they are meant to celebrate them - then ask yourself how you think Jews would feel in Germany if public parks and courthouses were decorated with statues of Hitler, Himmler and other Nazi leaders.

That event is certainly tragic in itself, yet what is especially sad is the attack on anything Confederate which has come in the aftermath of C-Ville.

At the same time, they've done a awful disservice to those who have taken the time and effort to peel away the commonly accepted veneer of contempt, and understand and appreciate true Confederate history. Where are the monuments to the victims of slavery or to the hundreds of black lawmakers who during Reconstruction served in positions ranging from United States senator to justice of the peace to school board official?

On one hand, some people assume they represent slavery and treason, as I did.

I've seen guys trying to equate the moral failings of guys like George Washington to Confederates like Robert. "The statue will be preserved so that students can study Duke's complex past and take part in a more inclusive future". Or so the argument goes.

Six Flags amusement parks in Texas and Georgia also have removed Confederate flags that flew over entrances to the amusement parks. In an interview with NPR, Dailey said it's impossible to separate symbols of the Confederacy from the values of white supremacy. Those are important distinctions. Their explicit hatred makes them monsters. Because we're at a point where white guys probably need to shut up and listen.

Two major charities, the Cleveland Clinic and the American Cancer Society, announced they are canceling fund-raisers scheduled for Trump's resort in Palm Beach, Florida, amid the continuing backlash over Trump's remarks. It was a brutal, ugly, inhumane enterprise that stood in direct opposition to the philosophy articulated by our Founding Fathers, some of them slaveholders themselves, who knew even when they created those documents that a reckoning on the issue would come. The fact that it is for many whites is telling.

It seems only right that the debate about Confederate memorials happens now.

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