The Solar Eclipse Starting at Noon

The solar eclipse near Banner Wyoming

The Solar Eclipse Starting at Noon

And yet, anyone with access to a computer or a newspaper could tell you, people in the United States are all pretty excited about the total solar eclipse that's set to take place Monday. The libraries have educational displays, information and have solar eclipse glasses, while supplies last.

Sunday's high in Madison was 79 at 5 p.m., the normal high and 19 degrees below the record high of 98 for August 20, set in 1916 and 1955.

Meanwhile, be sure to wear your official eclipse glasses.

NASA, the folks who have been bringing you all things "space" since 1958, will livestream the eclipse beginning at 11 Detroit will see about 78.4 percent of the sun obscured by the moon.

Scientists warned people not to look into the sun without protection, except when the sun is 100 percent covered. NASA notes that without a lens attachment, however, the solar eclipse will probably look fairly pixelated on your phone, so don't expect perfection.

The passengers will be able to watch totality from their seats, which is expected to last one minute and 43 seconds before the moon and sun are no longer in alignment and shift back to a shrinking partial eclipse. So, total solar eclipse for those folks hanging out in the 70-mile-wide path of totality today, partial solar eclipse for those outside the path. Just use this simple DIY hack for making your own solar eclipse viewer using a cereal box.

On the slightly lower end of the price segment, you have the OnePlus 5 with dual cameras that should also get you some good snaps as well as the Honor 8 Pro. Only park in designated areas or lots.

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"In an email titled "'Eclipse' the Democrats!" the South Carolina Republican Party on Monday asked donors to contribute $20.18 toward the party's efforts to "keep Democrats TOTALLY in the dark" in next year's elections.

While some users took note of the Obama-Trump comparison, others focused on the trajectory of the eclipse's path.

Oh, sunglasses are not approved eclipse-viewing spectacles. Residents have been advised not to look directly at the eclipse or the sun without special eclipse glasses. Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the filter.

With eclipse glasses selling out across the country, many people are suggesting that you can use your phone in selfie mode to watch the eclipse while snapping a few shots for your social media account.

The Eclipse will also cause our daytime highs to be below average, due to the blocking of the Sun!

Switch your flash from "Auto" to "On". The Earth moves into the shadow created by the moon.

Now, put your phone away and enjoy the moment, whether you got the photo you wanted or not.

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