Remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey expected to reform in Gulf of Mexico


Remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey expected to reform in Gulf of Mexico

The biggest impacts with any t-shower will be the quick downpours and risky cloud to ground lightning, but the severe threat is very low.

Most of us want sunshine on any given summer day, but the entire country is united in hoping that the clouds stay away today, specifically early this afternoon. We've had hot and humid weather these past few days but a change is on the way tonight! It will be hotter with highs in the mid-90's and feels-like temperature near 101. We could see torrential rainfall and likely some flooding from this storm.

Texas and parts of Louisiana could see a lot of rain from this system. Models are showing many areas may pick up over half inch of rain. Then a front will drop down into the state from the north, helping to push the tropical wave back out to sea.

While rainfall has been close to average near the Texas coast, portions of the lower Rio Grande Valley have received less than 25 percent of their average rainfall since June 1. Shear will be lessening + the atmosphere will be becoming more moist, so there is some potential for a "better" environment toward the weekend, so we'll have to monitor the progress & movement of the system.

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Marine interests, especially small craft operators are advised to exercise extreme caution as the remnants of Harvey traverse the waters south of the island. All the while, Tropical Storm Harvey is likely to reappear in the Gulf and cause problems for our friends to the South.

To the west, once-mighty Hurricane Kenneth weakened rapidly far out in the Pacific and was downgraded to a tropical storm. Highs will be in the lower to mid 90s. Short story: Formation chance through the next five days remains low at 20%.

The county saw scattered light showers during rush hour, but by later in the morning, and around the lunch hour, "things should start to kick off", forecaster Chuck Caracozza said from the National Weather Service's Miami office.

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