Indiana Red Cross increases aid to areas hit by Harvey

Red Cross volunteer Betsy Robertson

Red Cross volunteer Betsy Robertson

Airbnb is asking for people who can donate their homes for free to those evacuating the area and whose homes have been destroyed.

Right now, about 35 people from the local Red Cross are in Texas. It is her first deployment. You can donate to help victims of the storm and provide them with funds to keep temporary shelter and food as they make it through a time of loss. And feet more are still to come.

Some predictions show 35 inches of rain could fall in south Texas by Monday, and the full extent of the damage won't be known for days.

Mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for portions of some counties in Texas that affect hundreds of thousands of people in Texas as the storm continues to drop record rainfall over the inundated Gulf Coast region.

Indeed, these photos and live reports from the area all show that the need for aid in Houston and Texas is real and desperately needed.

In addition to the fee waiver for Red Cross donations, the MoneyGram Foundation is providing support through donations made to disaster relief and emergency response efforts initiated by AmeriCares and Save the Children USA.

More than 1,800 people piled into 34 Red Cross and community shelters in Texas Saturday night, according to Downey.

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"This is a risky storm and the next few days are going to challenge everyone along the Gulf Coast".

"Wind is something we can deal with", Diskin said. He's one of more than 160 firefighters, physicians, and other civilians trained and ready to help.

If you decide to write a check, the Red Cross suggests writing name Harvey in the subject line to make sure your donation goes to Hurricane Harvey victims. The Red Cross is also accepting contributions to its website.

Austin Disaster Relief Network representatives say this is one of the largest responses in its history.

The Connecticut Rhode Island chapter is hoping to send about 100 volunteers to Texas.

The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, of VOAD, is seeking volunteers for future hurricane response.

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