IPhone 8 Leak Reveals the Weird New Interface Apple Has Created

IPhone 8 Leak Reveals the Weird New Interface Apple Has Created

IPhone 8 Leak Reveals the Weird New Interface Apple Has Created

Bloomberg reports that the iPhone 8 won't have a Home button in favor of gesture controls.

For instance, when you drag the home bar up towards the middle of the screen, your iPhone will turn on, he said.

This "3D" sensor could be used to add people's faces into apps or games, or for facial recognition.

Apple has never differentiated iPhone models within a family on cellular capabilities (Broadcom provides RF chips in support of the iPhone's cellular subsystem) or connectivity capabilities (Broadcom provides the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity combo chip). Moving that, or creating an extra step to get to it, would be a big change.

The facial recognition feature will also rely on infrared tech to scan faces in the dark, ideal for tweeting in bed.

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As always, these leaked iPhone parts are not confirmed at this time. That's a potentially huge privacy issue should hackers take advantage. Some of the features confirmed in their report were already known or at least heavily suspected, but there are also some new details about how the phone will function without the home button. Wireless charging uses magnetic coils built into the phone and charging pad to create an electromagnetic field and generate a current that charges your phone. Facial scanning technology already has been seen on other phones, including Samsung Corp.'s (SSNLF) Galaxy S8 smartphone, released in April, and its Note 8 phone, expected to launch September 15.

Most of us slow down as we age. If they have any 32-bit apps, those will not work, unless they've been updated by developers.

If the release date news isn't enough to get you excited about Apple's newest handset, information about the phone's price has also been supposedly leaked.

The bezel-less display is Apple's first OLED display and will surely be one of the best smartphone displays on the market when the iPhone 8 launches sometime in September. That being said, iPhone 8 users wouldn't be able to charge their phones in many public places. Also, CEO Timothy D. Cook sold 268,623 shares of the company's stock in a transaction that occurred on Monday, August 28th.

This leads me to believe that, as far as Broadcom dollar content in the new iPhones goes, there's no difference between an iPhone 7s and a premium OLED iPhone. While we still have some time to witness the launch of the upcoming iPhone 8, the lookalikes, concept ideas and clones have once again started to heat up the online world.

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