Mass. Red Cross Readies Volunteers For Texas

Mass. Red Cross Readies Volunteers For Texas

Mass. Red Cross Readies Volunteers For Texas

"We're just sending every resource we can to help in that response effort", Red Cross regional communications director Trisha Burnett said.

"We're expecting up to twenty more inches of rain throughout the rest of the week, and we just need to remember that it still is a unsafe situation", Nunn-Faron said. Donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to, and help people recover from this disaster.

According to People, the money Bullock has pledged to donate will benefit the American Red Cross, an organization that Bullock has a history of supporting.

Sandra Bullock is helping out the victims of Hurricane Harvey in a big way.

Austin Disaster Relief (ADR) said their Hope Family Thrift Store would host a drive Saturday and was accepting donations for new socks, underwear, cleaning supplies, blankets, toiletries and pillows.

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The challenge? To donate $25,000 to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and then challenge other celebrities to do the same.

After our interview Tuesday afternoon, we learned the volunteers we spoke with were actually ordered to shut down for the evening because of poor conditions in the Houston area.

The public can drop off donations at the spring training home of the Houston Astros in West Palm Beach. Officials say they're getting calls from people wanting to volunteer. "They're saying they are so happy to have an opportunity to help because they didn't know how to help, and everybody wants to help". Because of the need for Hurricane Harvey, they're offering it now for just $50.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams is asking that if you do decide to donate, be sure to research the charity beforehand. "Once we'll be able to get to where we need to go we need a lot of help", Brown said.

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