Hy-Vee Lends a Helping Hand in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

News. "I'm just grateful I can do it".

An American Red Cross volunteer from Grand Forks was recently deployed to Louisiana, where the hurricane also took its toll.

He says they're in for a long haul in Houston, where the arduous task of feeding and sheltering tens of thousands will continue for an indefinite amount of time.

Foster said she would spend a few weeks in Texas, beginning in Corpus Christi, helping mobilize resources and get relief to people who need it the most.

"We have neighbors, far away neighbors, that need our help".

He himself upped his donation to $50k (£39k) as he called out celebs including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ludacris and Usher.

"It's just incredible to me, the capacity of humans for kindness, understanding, and outreach", Broomfield said.

"I wouldn't be able to go if it wasn't for all the support, my family, my friends, my coworkers all covering for me".

Comedian Kevin Hart donated $50,000 to the relief efforts and encouraged his fellow celebrities to do their part.

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There was a big influx of requests immediately after the storm, he said. I accept your challenge.

"We can not do this without each other, without your family and friends coming together".

'I'm donating $100,000. So man, this is for everybody out there in Texas, the relief and everything.

The Red Cross is sponsoring a meeting Saturday, Sept. 2, at noon for people who want to volunteer.

The fundraiser website GoFundMe has also compiled Harvey fundraisers onto a single page.

In a press release the hospital said it is pleased to offer support and requested the funds go directly to the relief efforts for those impacted by the storm.

Harvey, which initially battered the Texas coast as a Category 4 hurricane, has become one of the most devastating storms in American history, dumping almost 50 inches of rain in some parts of South Texas and causing widespread flooding throughout Houston.

Lynn Levine, director of communications for the American Red Cross of MA, said her organization urges contributions of money as the most effective way to help the hundreds of thousands of people in Houston and Southeast Texas bruised and battered by the catastrophic flooding unleashed by Harvey.

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