Melania Looks Ready To Get Down To Business In Texas

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Critics Sneer at Melania Trump for Wearing Heels on Trip to Texas AP Jacquelyn Martin by Charlie Spiering29 Aug 20170 29 Aug 2017 29 Aug 2017

Said another, "What with #Houston being underwater and all, who gives a damn about #MelaniaShoes? it's a distraction from what really matters".

Trevor Noah usually takes digs at the Trump family on The Daily Show, but on Tuesday he came to First Lady Melania Trump's defense.

The first lady's office hit back.

His first effort to fill his role of the nation's counselor at a time of crisis - following his divisive rhetoric this summer - will intensify when he returns to the disaster zone at the weekend. "We want to be looked at in five years and 10 years from now, as this is the way to do it". Certainly there was a backlash to the backlash, with Chelsea Handler, for example, being attacked in turn for her tweet attacking Mrs. Trump's spikes. While his style hat is up for sale online, Melania's "FLOTUS" hat is not, AOL reports.

While speaking to a crowd, Trump climbed onto a ladder of a firetruck and waved a Texas flag to those that gathered to see him speak outside of a firehouse in Corpus Christi. "What a crowd! What a turnout!" he enthused.

As the two prepared to depart the White House, many on social media began to comment on the first lady's wardrobe selection for the day: an olive bomber jacket, cropped trousers, aviator sunglasses-and snakeskin stiletto heels.

For instance, in Corpus Christi, Trump thanked Abbott for his leadership, and appeared to get ahead of himself with the disaster still unfolding.

The centre already held more than 9,000 people, nearly twice the number officials originally planned to house there, said mayor Sylvester Turner.

Afterward, Trump stood between two fire trucks and spoke to a crowd of hundreds of people gathered outside. The McCain was damaged in a collision with an oil tanker last week near Singapore.

More news: US President Trump to donate 1 million dollars to Texas flood relief

House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said on Monday that lawmakers must move to help with the current disaster.

President and First Lady Donald and Melania Trump were photographed leaving the White House for Corpus Christi Texas to get a briefing on Tropical Storm Harvey, which so far is responsible for at least 30 deaths and has left tens of thousands homeless. Reporters hoping for pictures and stories of Trump meeting with some of Harvey's 17,000 victims in rescue shelters, or a flyover view of the devastation, soon realized that nothing like that was on tap. But as of late Tuesday afternoon, the president had yet to mention those killed, call on other Americans to help or directly encourage donations to relief organizations.

More than four days after the storm ravaged the Texas coastline as a Category 4 hurricane, authorities had confirmed only three deaths - including a woman killed when heavy rains dislodged a large tree on to her trailer home in the small town of Porter.

Asked in Texas about those shots from a fellow Republican, Cruz said now was not the time to debate what he labeled, "political sniping". "My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the people of Texas and Louisiana".

Although a significant amount of aid work is done at the state and local levels, the president still has a major role in coordinating the response and setting the tone for the country.

Many people are now saying that this is the worst storm/hurricane they have ever seen. "But today we watched the forecast change before our eyes - we all FELT the presence of God and, no matter our faith, we knew he had heard and answered the prayers of many", my friend Klarissa Pinegar posted after she saw the first few rays of sunshine finally break through the clouds.

Trump made several stops during his daylong tour of the state and made some curious comments.

President Donald Trump says he is OK leaving open some senior federal government positions.

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