Gas prices skyrocket after Hurricane Harvey

Cars line up for gas at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Earl Campbell and Highway 155 on Thursday afternoon

Cars line up for gas at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Earl Campbell and Highway 155 on Thursday afternoon

Gas prices have reached the highest they've been all year, according to AAA.

The Colonial pipeline that provides almost 40% of the South's fuel plans to shut down due to Hurricane Harvey, causing fuel shortages for most Southern businesses.

AAA says gas prices have risen an average of 17 cents in Kentucky since last Friday, the third highest increase in the nation just behind DE and SC that saw increases of 18 and 19 cents.

Arizona saw a slight bump in gas prices this week, but was relatively untouched by the effects of Hurricane Harvey, which cut oil refining and boosted prices sharply in many states.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), prices are supposed to increase at the pump because of Hurricane Harvey.

Gas prices across the USA have risen about 17 cents a gallon this week and Hurricane Harvey is to blame. The problems will also cause fuel supply deliveries to the Southeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic to be limited.

MA is somewhat protected from Gulf refinery impacts due to its access to supplies from mid-Atlantic states and Canada, Maguire said, adding that the demand locally for gas also subsides somewhat after Labor Day as people settle back into their regular routines. That's about 700,000 more than in 2016.

"That said, the timing of the increase is unfortunate for all those planning one final road trip this summer".

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"Things are changing nearly by the minute", said Charles Hobart, a spokesman for United Airlines.

AAA tells us gas prices could continue to rise.

Did you find a station with no gas, long lines or high prices?

A few gas stations in the Tennessee Valley are out of fuel directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Gas prices here might not shift as much as elsewhere in the country for the same reason the West Coast's gas prices tend to be higher than the nation's, Mac said.

Long lines could pop up next in the Southeastern and Eastern states, as far north as NY, which get much of their gasoline from the Colonial Pipeline that taps into refineries in Texas and Louisiana.

"We won't know the full extent of the damage to the refineries until likely next week", Mosher said, adding that one major pipeline to the Midwest, the Explorer pipeline, has been shut down but expected to be back online this weekend.

"Part of it is Dallas is supplied by a pipeline from Corpus Christi, and of course those pipelines have been down", said Lipow. The national average is now at $2.52 a gallon, but here in Maryland the average is $2.54.

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