Destiny 2 servers are live now if you have a copy

Image credit Gameranx

Image credit Gameranx

The theme of the reveal trailer hints that reclaiming Earth will be the focus for our playable Guardians. Still, I came away impressed after playing the story mode on Destiny 2 - both with the gameplay and aesthetics of the blockbuster title. Additionally, Destiny 2 players can participate in their first Nightfall Strike at launch, which will give them the chance to earn special rewards. It's also coming to PC, but not until October.

One of Destiny's biggest foibles was its abandonment of the PC crowd. The PlayStation and the Xbox version of the game will be released on September 6, 2017.

Talking to IGN, senior narrative lead Jason Harris and cinematic lead Matthew Ward waxed lyrical about the sheer amount of story spread throughout Destiny 2.

Destiny 2, published by Activision, is the sequel to Destiny, Bungie's blockbuster game released in 2014 that reached more than $500 million in first day sales. The players have to consider a lot much before the purchase is made. Destiny 2 feels like a fresh origin story if you are a novice to the universe but at the same time feels a flawless build up to a great story to the veteran Guardians. Everything we know about Destiny 2 Beta access, Exotics, class changes and the new social space explained. After the community's wins against raid-level threats like Crota, Aksis, and Oryx, you'd think we'd put up a fight. Bungie has said that it is are not sending out early copies of the game to streamers. Every set back you cause the enemy brings frustration among its ranks. Not to mention the worms on the cover of the Collector's Edition box. Let us know if you're looking forward to the game in the comments.

Disclosure: The Destiny 2 Preview Event was played entirely on PS4 Pro.

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Destiny 2 is purposefully making it more rewarding to join a clan and play with others. The second aspect is the Crucible, which is Player vs Player (PvP), where you battle it out in multi-player against other Guardians.

I was also able to try out the majority of Destiny 2's Strikes, which each introduced mechanics that I could easily see echoed in the game's forthcoming Raid.

Until that happens, we now know that the story of Destiny 2 revolves around the destruction of The Last City and The Tower of Destiny. The Guardians from Destiny have been scattered and must regroup as the mantra of "claiming back our home" rings out across Bungie's promotional blurb.

Although "Destiny 2" will feature fewer missions than its predecessor, Bungie confirmed that the game will be a larger one, compensating for the 17-mission run. The issue doesn't appear to be widespread, with many PS4 Pro owners able to play the game just fine, however. I'm a sucker for implied lore, and the idea that we successfully whooped the Red Legion bad enough to take one of their vessels makes me smile.

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