Officials warn of poor air quality in eastern Colorado

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Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed

Smoke from wildfires in Washington, Oregon, Montana and northern Idaho is clouding almost the entire Gem State. The alert is anticipated to conclude on Tuesday at 4 p.m. Where conditions warrant, people with heart or lung disease should follow their doctors advice for dealing with episodes of particulate exposure.

Health officials said masks may not be as helpful as people think.

We should stay in the mid-70s for highs through the weekend but we should begin to warm back up again the first of next week. "You're breathing more and your heart rate goes up, so your blood is circulating more quickly".

The Department of Athletics is also working with coaches to revise practice schedules and routines as appropriate.

"They're a little bit more hazy than we are just because they are closer to most of the wildfires", Cotsakis said.

"This is going to impact virtually everybody", Sveland said.

The skies over Albany County might still be smoky, but the threat posed by that haze dropped significantly since Monday, when the Environmental Protection Agency deemed the county's air quality unhealthy. The pins in blue are the air quality monitor locations. The red dots are unsafe air quality, shown at Boise and moving north.

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"I think its slowed us down a little bit", said his colleague, Tony Verdal of Hayden Lake. "We got smoked out pretty good a couple times, but nothing like this".

"All fires are prohibited, so no campfires allowed anywhere in the state of Idaho right now", says David Luft, the Air Quality Manager for the Boise Regional Office of the DEQ.

"Fire smoke covers majority of [Northern California]".

"You're kind of getting hit from all around", he said. "It washes the stuff out of the air".

A fire is considered "large" if its size and intensity is great enough that its behavior is determined by interactions with weather conditions above the surface, according to the National Wildlife Coordinating Group website.

"Los Alamos was evacuated twice because of fires where we lived", Steve said.

Sveland cautioned against any outdoor exercising, and he said there's not much people can do in the short-term to avoid the smoke.

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