The Hidden Meanings Behind The Creepy American Horror Story Posters

American Horror Story Sarah Paulson will play Ally in the new series

American Horror Story Sarah Paulson will play Ally in the new series

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Ever since the 2016 US Presidential Election, all we see is Donald Trump's face everywhere.

Across town, blue-haired Kai (show regular Evan Peters) celebrates Trump's victory by dropping a bag full of cheese puffs in a blender and giving himself a facial. Instead, it's more about how Americans were so at one another's throats in the aftermath of the election, something that likely would have been true even if Hillary Clinton had won. The gunshots mean nothing and Twisty kills the young man by slitting his throat and stabbing him to death. The girl runs away and finds herself in Twisty's hideout.

The point? This could all be in Ally and Oz's heads, but it seems unlikely. When Ally discovers the comic, she freaks out because she has a severe phobia of clowns. She brought up to her therapist about how she has not felt this way since 9/11 - hinting there might be some hidden fears or experiences rising to the surface. Turning to Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) for help, she can hardly even handle being in his office because of a piece of hole-filled coral sitting on one his shelves (not because it's a bad decor choice, but because of you know, the plethora of tiny little holes next to one another). This makes it far more plausible that he knows what triggers Ally at this point and is sending his minions to frighten her - and make her look insane in front of Ivy. "We're not going to say we hate Trump", Murphy said. The supermarket is empty as Ally pushes her cart around the aisles. You'll see Paulson's character obsess over every social media step Trump makes and lose sleep over her paranoia and pessimism. To refresh your memory, it was a sunny summer day on the season premiere of Freak Show. She's seemingly attacked by a bunch of killer clowns sporting terrifying masks, who are led by one with a three-pronged dildo nose riding a scooter. However, that doesn't seem to be the case - Ally is married to Ivy, with whom she has a child, Oz.

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This causes a rift in her relationship with her wife Ivy, who also is her business partner in a restaurant aptly named The Butchery. After an "honesty" session with Kai (where they are locked by pinkies, flesh to flesh - also seen at the very end of the main titles) she tells him she fears him the most, which is when she takes a nanny job for the Mayfair-Richards. Terrified that something frightful has happened to their son, they're in a frenzy but eventually find him and Winter. Meanwhile, the incident is being recorded. While this is happening, Winter is showing their son videos of murders online after witnessing the boy painting a picture of a clown with a knife and wants to show the real deal. Since this season is supposed to be free of supernatural elements, the clown in question would need access to the restaurant, and they would have no choice but to risk being seen by Ivy when they switched out the dinner plates. Since then, her severe anxiety and phobias have manifested themselves in the form of a roving band of creepy clowns.

Asked if he has taken her into his confidence, the actress quips: "He's definitely done that - it just hasn't been about the show".

But it also seems like this just a figment of Ally's imagination. Ally watched, appalled, as this clown engaged in a sexual act. The couple is ultimately sold by Winter's claim that she paused her higher education to work for Clinton's campaign, and she's in.

On the other hand, if you really loved the last two seasons (one way or the other), this one is going to rock your world.

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