IPhone 8 Expensive Price Might Be Due To Samsung's OLED Monopoly

IPhone 8 Expensive Price Might Be Due To Samsung's OLED Monopoly

IPhone 8 Expensive Price Might Be Due To Samsung's OLED Monopoly

However, the expected iPhone 8 this coming September may not feature the Home Button at all, at least not on the front screen of the new device.

Royal Dutch telecom provider KPM has distributed an image of the new iPhone in a box displaying the Apple logo and the moniker iPhone X. The note was accessed by AppleInsider, which reported about the same. It will be the first time Apple has used OLED displays, and they offer certain advantages over the LCD tech it used in the past.

A launch of the three iPhones on September 12 would happen a week after Samsung, Apple's biggest rival, starts U.S shipments for Galaxy Note 8. This is why the South Korean company is able to charge a premium on the OLED panels. Thanks to all of those leaks, there isn't much we don't know about the iPhone X. One of the few remaining points of debate is the iPhone X price.

American analysts found that only 16 percent of smartphone users are awaiting the release of the iPhone 8. So even if customers are not thrilled about the high price and certain features of the iPhone 8, the plethora of new functional benefits, coupled with customers' affinity for the Apple brand, is likely to ultimately outweigh any concerns. According to a report from Bloomberg says that LG can not start production of OLED screens "until at least 2019", which means that depending on how work advances on setting up the production lines, it may take even longer to begin manufacturing iPhone display. Another option for Apple would be to wait and add LG's OLED screens to 2019 iPhone models.

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For one, the Cupertino giant is expected to unveil a special, tenth-anniversary edition of the iPhone alongside its regular upgrades.

Apple will introduce a new dual camera setup with their iPhone 8. Now many think that Apple will eliminate the need to use Touch ID because there is no space left for it after they extend the display. "We believe subscribers have been deferring purchases until the iPhone 8 is launched".

Apple is widely expected to introduce three new handset models at its september 12 media event: a premium smartphone with an OLED display and two LCD-screen phones.

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