IPhone 8 Release Date Could Be September 22nd

It's arguably the most exciting (rumored) iPhone in years. Some reports have even pegged Apple's iPhone 8 pricing at as much as $1,400. That seems to be the name of choice among most tech writers.

- The iPhone 8 will be powered by A11 processor.

It is reported that at the event, Apple will introduce three new devices; the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and the iPhone 8. We get a number then an S version of that number the next year. In addition to a premium price of at least $1,000, the iPhone Edition could feature facial recognition rather than Touch ID for security, along with a almost bezel-free OLED display. But apart from the obvious, what will Apple announce on stage? For the 7, it launched two new colours - jet black and black - and even released a red version of the handset halfway through the year.

That being said, I really dislike this one and think it's a pretty weak descriptor of what you're paying all that extra money for. Do they have better info than us?

According to O2, it has confirmed to its staff that the iPhone 8 will be available in stores on September 22.

This is probably going to shock no one, but it's still going to put off a lot of people.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has previously indicated that leaks and rumours about upcoming products are causing customers to change their buying habits.

Apple is scheduled to unveil the new iPhone on September 12th. In fact, Apple's stock closed down 1.20% to $162.08 on Tuesday.

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Aside from the storage boost and the bezel-less OLED screen, the next iPhone is going to get a bump in camera quality with the addition of AR and 4K/60fps. The report states that the supply chain sources claim that it usually starts supplying to Apple in the first phase of the supply chain, indicating an inevitable delay.

Ahead of next week's launch, Wall Street analysts have turned their attention to what the big release might mean for Apple later on down the line.

The device measures roughly the same size as the iPhone 7. But, at the end of the day, that's still an iPhone 7 Plus.

The aspect ratio on the device also looks to be 18:9, which will be a new addition to Apple's smartphone line-up.

A fourth option: The iPhone X.

But one piece of information that's been less consistently bandied by rumormongers is what, precisely, Apple plans to call its next-gen smartphones. This has also resulted in the decline of iPhone sales in most of the nations.

It is not yet known if the image is genuine or fake or if the retailer website has just used it as a placeholder for marketing and advertisement, until the new flagship iPhone is revealed to the public. However, my money is on the iPhone Pro name for the upcoming flagship.

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