The latest on Hurricane Irma

National Hurricane Center	
		A National Hurricane Center map shows the locations of Hurricane Irma and Tropical Storms Jose and Katia

National Hurricane Center A National Hurricane Center map shows the locations of Hurricane Irma and Tropical Storms Jose and Katia

As of 11 a.m on Wednesday, The National Hurricane Center put out this forecast which shows a strong Category 4 storm making landfall in south Florida and then riding the east coast. Irma is now a category five storm and could wreak havoc in parts of Florida Saturday.

The center of the storm was about 25km west of St Martin and Anguilla at about 8am yesterday, the hurricane center said, adding that it was heading west-northwest at 26kph.

A webcam filmed the devastation as the Category-5 storm slammed into Saint Martin.

The commonwealth also has a $15 million emergency fund, according to the island's government.

The US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands were hit by the storm on Wednesday afternoon as well. France's interior minister said three emergency teams were being sent to the territories owned by the country.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 175 miles per hour with higher gusts.

According to some weather experts, the hurricane covers an area bigger than the United Kingdom and Ireland. The aircraft has been flying in rough weather to collect data about the storm.

"So far, some roofs have been blown off".

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The governor says resources will be concentrated where they will be most needed depending on Irma's track.

"It's very scary. most of the islands are dark so it's very, very frightening", he said.

"Preparations should be rushed to completion in the hurricane warning area", the NHC said, according to WashPost. CNN reports that Puerto Ricans have been emptying shelves at grocery stores on the island, as they brace for what could be the strongest hurricane to ever hit the island. Many in Southern Florida are already experiencing mandatory evacuation orders, and markets there have already been fleeced of essential goods including water and non perishables.

With the nation's eyes on Hurricane Irma, yet another storm is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean.

The center says the extremely risky core of the storm is expected to continue rampaging through scenic islands, moving over the northern Leeward Islands, including the Virgin Islands, passing near or just north of Puerto Rico Wednesday afternoon or night, and passing near or just north of the coast of the Dominican Republic Thursday. Irma was expected to pass near Puerto Rico Wednesday by nightfall and brush the coast of the Dominican Republic on Thursday.

President Donald Trump declared national emergencies in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Once it hits Florida, Irma is expected to remain a Category 5 which means it will only be the fourth time a storm of this strength hit a USA coast.

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