Statesboro gas stations low on water and fuel as hurricane approaches

Governor Senator make Gasoline Plea

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In Buffalo, the AAA said the average price a gallon is $2.73, up 26 cents from a week ago.

That's because Florida is "an island unto itself" when it comes to gasoline shipments, with its four ports dependent on shipments from the Gulf Coast.

The Gas Buddy app shows gas stations in your area, the price of gas there and whether the station has any left.

He travels from Oceanside, where he says gas prices were about a buck cheaper, to Los Angeles on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Gasoline prices risen recently amid continuing fears of shortages in Texas and other states in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey's strike on the Gulf Coast, according to the Associated Press. The app and website have the most accurate and real-time fuel prices at over 140,000 unique stations in the United States, Canada, and Australia and is the most comprehensive money-saving companion while on the road.

Hurricane Harvey is to blame.

"All that has played into it and has bumped up prices higher", Mayko said.

"I place the blame on the governor's and the legislature's failure to weigh in the irrational high prices in California", Court said. "I have got to be filled up and ready to go". "Fall time, people like to be doing stuff outside it seems like, but we haven't seen that this year", said Adam Primm, business manager at Hastings Ford Lincoln.

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"I was talking to my wife as I pulled up here and told her to find fuel wherever she can and don't worry about the price", said Addox.

The price difference in Oxford, however, was much more noticeable.

Earlier, Hurricane Harvey forced airlines to cancel almost 11,000 flights at Houston, a major hub for United-Continental.

Overall, gas prices are pennies away from topping the highest price ($2.67, August 15-18, 2015) Americans have paid for a gallon of gas in more than two years.

"It's still relatively cheap", Sinclair said, citing a figure that Americans use nearly 414 million gallons of gas a day.

While some believe the increase is temporary, DeHaan said where gas prices go will depend on how quickly Texas recovers from Harvey and what will happen once Hurricane Irma makes landfall. With Hurricane Irma approaching, the upward gas prices trend is likely to continue.

DeHaan said things were looking up, "with many refineries either back online or in the process, and gasoline production is ramping back up".

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